Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Is Spring Coming?

Well, I am going to try to keep some pictures on here, even though the quality probably won't be the greatest for the time being....

It took TWELVE shots to actually get a good one of *both* of them looking nice at the same time!! It can get quite frustrating, and certainly does make me think a digital camera would be worth its weight in gold at such times!

I thought about posting all of the not so great ones, just for effect to see what goes into getting a decent shot, but nah.

Anyway, by the time I did get it, Daddy got home! This is always our favorite time of the day! The kids scream PAPA!!! and go running to the door as soon as they hear the knob. And so do I. ;)

Joshua was happy to have a little snow to play in this week, but I am ready to have spring here! At least my tulips are up to remind me that it really will happen! Getting anxious.

Well, I think the news in the last post will suffice for another while, so I'll keep this post brief. :)


Bipin Sen said...

funny. the kids scream the same thing when i get in the door. oh wait.. that's at *my* house... haha..

boy, i sure hope spring will be here soon. winter is sticking on...

Kathy said...

It is fun when they run to the door and shout Dada (in my case). Connor goes biserk (no clue how to spell that), and starts talking to David before he enters the house. Quite cute!

Michelle said...

We're still at "Da" and she doesn't say it when Johnny comes home... but she grins and reaches for him. Sweet. :)

Elizabeth, the quality of the first picture looks pretty good to me! The second one is a little grainy but a nice picture!

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Well, yay!, today feels like spring! We are just now going out to play with the kiddos. :)

Must make daddies excited to come home when their families are excited to greet them!

Yes, Michelle, it is all about the lighting with that camera. Outside, or in direct sunlight, the quality is pretty good, but otherwise, it just isnt. But it is okay for now, i guess. :) I still use my 35mm mostly, but I take some pics with this one now and then so I can have something to post on my blog! :)