Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Additional Pics from our trip

I decided to go ahead and post the rest of the trip pics that it wouldnt let me post on the other one. This is the Japanese restaurant we went to with Mr. Baum, my 20wk belly, the kids chillin', IHOP, and Mr Baum with a map of some of his missionary travels through Europe. See post below for more details! :)


Bipin Sen said...

ahhh.. looks like a great trip! very nice pictures. it's funny how much kids like pools - the hotel can be crappy, but if it has a pool - oh boy.

Lisa said...

Soo glad to hear the trip went well. I didn't get a chance to ask Fabio as he went past with Josh and owie. Then you with all three kids in tow. : )

You are such an amazing woman Elizabeth! And a blessing where ever you go! You model and walk out family of Christ.
Much love-

Michelle said...

Great update Elizabeth - glad to see you got the pictures uploaded without problems this time!