Thursday, January 11, 2007

Israel is 3 weeks old!

Things are going quite well around here. I am feeling pretty good now and just trying to get back into some sort of schedule. I do okay in some areas, just to realize I'm lacking in other areas! Ah, well, he's only 3 weeks old, right?

He is lovely, still, even with his little newborn rash. He is a pretty good baby too, most of the time. He seems to like to cry for a while in the evening before finally going to sleep. No matter what I do, he still likes to cry, so that is a little frustrating, but most of the time he is pretty mellow and good.

He has no trouble whatsoever sleeping where there is plenty of noise, which is a good thing being a third born. ;)

Here he is all ready for his sink bath. I kept trying to get a pic of him lifting his head up, which he does with a good measure of control now, but every time the pic snapped, he put his head back down! Little stinker!

He is still loved on by his brother and sister, who ask all day long if they can hold him. He is usually a sport about it, and then other times he just wants mama. ;-)

I am taking him to the doctor today so that we can get him a birth certificate, so we can register his birth at the Brazilian consulate, and then get his two passports, asap. I'm going to try to remember to take pics of him at the doc's. :)

I'm a bit slow/ behind on posting, as well as reading and commenting on friend's blogs... sorry! I will get caught up here one of these days.


candi said...

What a cutie!!

Bipin Sen said...

with three kids, i'm amazed you can even get to a computer! i can see a hint of dominique in israel (in the picture where the two are together). dual passports.. whoo hoo! has fabio gotten his second one yet?

5 In A Row said...

I added some stuff and didn't do others. I never leave anything I use the exact way. Plus each kids has different areas of strengths and weaknesses. The website is You can click on each one. I printed up to F and put it in a binder so I can add notes, books and questions I asked and anything else I want to jot down.
Wow 3 weeks that went by fast. I still want to get over there, it's just our first week back to school and I have been busy.

Anonymous said...

ele é muito lindo...meu sobrinho...quando vou ver ele, ao vivo e a cores???