Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Trip to see my Grandmothers

Well, after a LONG time of meaning to and trying to, we finally got down to see my grandmothers this week!
Our first stop was in Macomb, IL to see Grandma Nita. Here she is with Israel, and below with all three.

We had a wonderful time there and had *perfect* weather for it! We were able to take a walk and spend some time outside and it was really lovely! But, we always have a wonderful time at Grandma Nita's regardless of the weather. :)

This is my cousin Brian and his fiance Shasta. They will be married in June, so I told them that this picture is a vision of things yet to come! :) Shasta is staying with Grandma Nita until the wedding, and it was nice to get to know her a little bit better.

My cousin Daniel lives in Burlington, IA, but was able to make it over for dinner. It was so good to see everyone, especially since we missed the Christmas festivities this year, as it was so soon after Israel's birth.

Here is Israel with my Aunt Sue. They coordinated nicely, don't you think? She and Uncle Joe (below) live in Kahoka, MO, but were also able to make it down for dinner. Time to visit always seems too short, but we are thankful for what we can get!

Grandma Nita and Mr. Moon. :) He will be celebrating his 94th birthday next week and he's still going strong! And in April they will be celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary. :)

Joshua and Dominique playing nicely! YAY!

Our next stop was near Springfield, IL, to visit the other side of the family. Here Joshua and Dominique are with Grandma Jean. They were actually cooperating with the camera and I loved the way this picture turned out. :)

Grandma Jean meets her newest great-grandchild.

My cousin Tim and his girlfriend were able to come for lunch and it had been a long time since I had seen him, so that was really nice.

And it is always nice to visit with Grandma and my aunts, Diane and Nancy.

"A good time was had by all", as my mom likes to say. ;-)


ME said...

I love the picture of your Grandma Jean holding Israel. This is such a blessing, to have so many generations together to love each other. Israel just sleeping there in the love and trust that only comes from such a blessing.

I have to wait until Heaven to experience this. I am greateful, though, that my granpa is there, and I will get to see him again when I go. :->

-Scott Jones-

ChicagoGal78 said...

Wow. Your cousin Tim looks a lot like Scott!

MOM said...

Good pics, Elizabeth. I'm glad you got to see everyone down there.

MOM said...

Good pics, Elizabeth. I'm glad you got to see everyone down there.