Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Family Members

Meet Rabby Cenora Tsukayama! Yes, we are now a family of six, since last week when someone gifted us with this adorable little rabbit~ our very first family pet! The kids love him, and I kinda like him too. He is the perfect house animal: he doesn't stink, he doesn't make noise and is very low maintenence. He does fine out of his cage and looks so cute when he hops, as long as I can keep him in the kitchen. Otherwise, he likes to hide under beds and in the shoe closet and so the only thing I dont enjoy about having him so far is having to chase him out of places like that.... But again, as long as I keep him contained in the kitchen, we are fine. :)

And a few weeks ago, my mother got married to Jack VanDyke. They got married at the courthouse, and then the following day had a dinner with their children. They seem to be doing well and enjoying life together.

And finally, my cousin Brian got married on June 2nd to Shasta!
The wedding was beautiful and they seem very happy to be together.
We wish you the best!

At the wedding, there were fourteen great-grandchildren present! Here they are, with a great-grandparent on each end. I only made it into the picture because Dominique had just been rudely awakened from a nap of fifteen minutes and was not up to sitting on the steps by herself to take the picture!

Great Grandma Nita and Dominique. She really is a GREAT grandma! We love you!

My kids being.... normal kids!

Trading fingers. :) Those of you who have been around Dominique at all since she was born will know that she has always sucked the same two middle fingers of her right hand. Here she is lending them to Joshua. ;-)
More about those fingers in my next post!

And lastly, a couple of Iraqui's my brother adopted and brought home. :)
I know I havent posted in a while, and Im not going to promise anything, but I still have much to post if I can get around to it! Until then.......


Bipin Sen said...

I thought I had seen some strange middle-Eastern people skulking around the neighborhood recently... ;-)

ChicagoGal said...

Okay, what!? Mom got married!?!? A few weeks ago?? And we're just NOW hearing about this!? LOL!! wow. You really need to give us more details on that Friz!!

Congrats Carol!! You look so, SO happy. :O)

luciana said...

ah, que bom que atualizou o blog.
parabens a Carol pelo seu casamento. e tambem pelo novo membro da familia.
nao sei se posso ir este ano, vamos ver...

Michelle said...

Since I read earlier that you LIVE for comments I thought I'd go back and comment on some other posts! Congratulations on the garden - how is it coming up? Mine is in full force. I"m hoping to have peppers, cucumbers, beans and tomatoes in the next several weeks. My lettuce is gone now and my onions are doing well. My carrots didn't come up this year :( and the radishes are gone too! I'm looking forward to teaching my kids to help me in the garden too - namely with weeding!!
Hopefully your rabbit won't enjoy it too!

Oh and I"m also looking forward to seeing my kids play together like that. Right now JM is very interested in Addy but she's not so keen on playing with him!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I was just thrilled to see all the updates, pics, and news about your family. You and your family hold a special place in my heart. Your children are beautiful, as I knew they would be.

I am looking forward to my first grandchild (as you know) and with the distance between us I hope a site like this will keep me up-to-date on the day to day happenings. I'm sure that your family and Fabio's family are very appreciative of the time that goes into keeping this updated. I can see all the love in it as well.

Your Mom and Dad both look well and happy, along with your grandparents. Life is wonderous and thank you for sharing all with us.

All my love,
Aunt Maggie