Sunday, September 02, 2007

Lincoln Park Zoo

Well, here is one of our summer outings with the Monterroso's. It will be in pictures only, since Im short on time! Just one comment: Israel is always doing fishy lips and it is SO hard to try to capture it on film, but we finally did!!! I LOVE that picture!
Happy Labor Day, everyone!


Kathy said...

it is a fun zoo to visit...and it is free!!!

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Yes, it is fun! And we love free!! :) Good to "see" you here,too! It's been a little bit :)

luciana said...

seria bom se voce sempre colocasse essa quantidade de fotos cada vez que atualizasse o blog.Amei todas as fotos, especialemte a do Joshua (com a cabeça entre as pernas), da familia dormindo e o biquinho de Israel...tão lindo!