Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Morning at Our House

First, Dominique had to convince Daddy to wake up!

Then he read the Christmas story for us.

Dominique waiting patiently to open her presents until after the Christmas story.

I just love the things Israel does with his mouth!

Joshua with his new books!

Dominique with her new books!

Everyone got new socks too!

Who can resist an angel baby face like this??

Joshua with K'nex - a building set

Dominique with her "new" cash register. :) (Maybe some of you know why I say "new"??)

Israel and his new ball. It is the perfect size for him. :)


Aaron Paul Black said...

We all love your choice of pictures. We had a good time on Christmas Day. Christmas is a thousand times more enjoyable when you have kids.

Anonymous said...

Cute pictures. We also gave the kids many "new" to us gifts.