Monday, January 14, 2008

Does anyone remember these matching shirts?

Does anyone remember this picture of Joshua and Dominique from over two years ago? Joshua was 3 years old, and Dominique was almost 1.

I made these matching shirts for them with some vintage material I found that reminded me of the stuff they used to dress us in when we were little! Hehe, nostalgia.... :)

Well, fast forward two years and here we are!

The shirts now fit Dominique and Israel. :)

I wonder what will become of these shirts another two years from now???


rhonder said...

your children are so adorable and "squishy"!
and as far as two years from now... my motto for this year is "procreate in 08!"
spread the word and jump on the bandwagon! haha!
love all your pics and journaling!
love ya, rhonda

Kathy said...

cute man!! i love seeing siblings in clothing the older ones wore.

Anonymous said...

I remember you finished sewing them right before Bible study:) I saw the piece in the quilt too and thought of those shirts. Too cute!

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Go, Rhonda, Go!!!

Kathy - has your little princess been able to wear any of big bro's clothes? I did wear a few items that were my big bro's!! :)

Michelle- wow! You have a good memory! I don't remember that (about finishing before Bible study)... And you noticed it in the quilt too! :)

luciana said...

hehehehe...já está pensando como será daqui a dois anos?
e a carinha de dominique na última foto? Parece uma anjinha...

MOM said...

Yes, I remember the shirts. Cute pics! In 2 years, Israel will be wearing the big one, and baby #4 will wear the smaller one.

Aaron Paul BLack said...

You should try to find a pic of us kids with the outfits made for us by Grandma Nita that resembled those and post it.

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Good idea, Aaron. And, yes, now we have figured out where those shirts will probably be in two more years! I didnt know when I posted this. I guess Rhonda's motto for 2008 was all the encouragement we needed!