Monday, February 04, 2008

Pulling Taffy

Does anyone remember reading about pulling taffy in Little House on the Prairie?
Well, being the down-home, grass-roots kinda family that we are, we decided it was something we had to try out! And ya know what? It's fun!

Here are my sister-in-laws Suzy and Amanda doling out the taffy to the eagerly awaiting young'uns.

Pull, stretch, fold. Repeat.

Levi pulling, and looking excited about it!

This is just the kind of messy stuff kids love to be able to fondle! Gabriel's got rather.... sticky!

Dillon and Colton having a *surprisingly* good time!

Dominique pulled hers in a daintly, girly fashion.

And Israel and Moriah decided to eat each other since we wouldn't let them have any taffy!
Hmmm... kissin' cousins!

This event took place at my brother Aaron's house and it was also our first opportunity to get acquainted with their two new bull pythons! As if the taffy were not excitement enough!

We also met their new dog, but I failed to get pictures of her. Probably because when she was around, I had my arms full of Dominique and Israel, who nearly got knocked down several times by the big loveable sweetheart..... :)


Michelle said...


CJ & Lori Colbert said...

Hi Elizabeth! Congrats on your pregnancy!!! To answer your question, the piercing was done about 8 years ago, but I found the "pregnancy piercing" shortly after I became pregnant, so I switched to that one for the time being. It's very flexible and 'grows' with the belly. :)

Kathy said...

mmmm taffy sounds fun, snakes...yeah maybe not, too many bad encounters

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,

thanks again for the pics and ifo on the family, it makes me homesick to see all and to know of the good times that have been lost over the years. I believe that this time will too pass and that we will once again have these joyful times again by His grace. love dad