Thursday, October 09, 2008

New Baby In The House!


2.5 weeks old

First attempt at a pic of all four together:

SO excited to have a baby brother!! (Actually, he was so excited to be naked!)

Doting Siblings:

So many expressions.....


Sucking his thumb!
This is the only tim he tried it, and after the picture, I removed it from his mouth. ;) I don't want a repeat of Dominique sucking her fingers....

Quiet alert state




Looks like he will have red hair like Dominique!

This pic is obviously badly over-exposed, but I posted it because you can see his blue eyes. We'll see if he gets to keep them or not in a few months.....

Things are going fairly well. I am feeling a little stronger, the kids love him to death, and we are adjusting. Still not "there" yet, but in the process! More later!


Faith said...

I was thinking about you today and wondering how you were doing. I'm glad you posted.

Great pictures all four. What blessings!

I'm praying for you.

Rebecca Hoekstra said...

So sweet!

momanna98 said...

I love the pic with all of them with their heads on the ground and also the one of them sitting. Very nice pics.
Lil L sucks her thumb. I tried so hard to stop her. I even bought a plug that was shaped like a thumb. She sucked on it a few times and that was it. She likes her thumb. And I haven't even gotten B to stop sucking his fingers!

luciana_ts said...

Que coisa mais linda da titia!!!
Eu quero estar aí!!! buáááá...
que saudades! e a cada dia, mais lindos!!!
será que ele vai ser um mestiço de ohos azuis???

Kathy said...

what a cutie