Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy EIGHT Years To Us!

Last week Fabio and I celebrated eight years of marital bliss! It has been an amazing journey and I wouldn't trade it for the whole world!!!

This was in about October of 1999....

This was April of 2001 - tying the knot!!

My favorite wedding picture:

Last week, 2009, celebrating at Red Lobster!

(The crop on this pic was accidental and I nearly cried! It was better before the crop, but I can't undo it now... )

One more shot from RedLobster last week. :)

Fabio is fabulous.
I love you so much, darlin', and it just keeps getting better with time!


MamaMahnken said...

Happy Anniversary! We got married right after you in June 2001...maybe there is a red lobster in our future too? :)

That said, I just have to say that all these pics have just proved what we were saying - you are a gorgeous woman!

CJ, Lori, and Princess Triniti said...

Happy Anniversary to the two of you! May God bless you both.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful couple !!
PS. Happy mother's day !(here in Spain is on the first Sunday of May ! hah)

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary to you both--a bit late! I don't know if anybody else noticed, but I just had to comment...in the picture from 1999 you are wearing a black shirt and Fabio is wearing a white one and then in the picture of this year at Red Lobster, it's reversed--you are wearing white and he's wearing a black shirt. I thought that was cute--did you guys plan that or something?

It was great having dinner with you all the other night!

Sarah Sherry

Anonymous said...

DEar girl,

I am doing good to just remember birthdays and do not do well with that. I fondly rmember that day and the joy I had in that day with you, giving you away and having a new boy man in my life. I am thankful for the years that you have had and the love God bless you my dear girl