Friday, January 20, 2006

Fabio had a birthday!

Yesterday was Fabio's birthday... the BIG "27"! This was his 7th birthday that we have celebrated together. :) He really didnt want a party, but we did have one couple over... my friend that was due to have her baby last week and still hasnt. So I wasnt sure if they would even be able to come or not, but turns out that they were able to! Fun, fun. :) Oh, and I feel REALLY bad, because this is the THIRD year in a row that I have not gotten Fabio's present in time! AH! His birthday just sneaks up on me after we get past the Christmas season, and so..... Anyway, I ordered his present NINE days ago, and it didnt get here in time. :(

Dominique here is doing "OISHII" which means "delicious" in Japanese. We have one little children's video from Japan that teaches them to do this when something tastes good. It is her FAVORITE, as it was also Joshua's favorite at that age. It is so cheesy, but the little ones love it. I also took a pic of her doing "please" in sign language, but she has kind of a snotty nose in that pic, so I will try to retake one later. At least the scuffage on her nose is healing nicely.

Hmmm..... about "our" digicam... one of the Mexican guys, Chupis, decided to buy it (for himself) about three months ago, and brought it over to us that same day so we could figure out how to use it for him and then show him. So he left it here, and hasnt gotten it back yet! We've figured it out for him nicely. ;-) We keep reminding him about it, and he says that he will get it someday when he has more time for us to explain it to him. So.... now I'm all about wanting a digital camera! Up until now, I really truly hadn't wanted one, because I still hadn't been completely satisfied with the quality of the prints that I had seen, compared to a 35mm.... but with this camera and printing, they come out quite nicely! Oh, and also, until last summer, our dinosaur computer couldnt do anything with a digicam anyway... This camera is a Sony 4.1 megapixels Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar Optical Zoom 3x. I saw it at Walmart for $129, which I thought was reasonable. So, now we are in the market. Any suggestions?

I have had a lot on my mind lately and I keep comtemplating about whether to break out of being just "newsy" on this blog and post some '"thoughts".... What do y'all think? Do you prefer light newsy reading to keep up on the happenings with people, or something more along the lines of food for thought???


Bipin Sen said...

hahahahaha... that's my version of evil laughter.. go for the camera, i say. just kidding. just because i can't contain myself doesn't mean i have to encourage others to do it also. heh.

also, it would be great to get your thoughts, as well as news. i always like to know how people think. you notice my own blog tends to be more introspective than newsy.

so post away!

Michelle said...


To be honest I prefer newsy... it seems like I'm constantly reading other people's "thoughts" in books and on some websites I visit and though I find them to be interesting helpful I prefer friends blogs to be about people's lives - - what they're doing, etc. BUT, I'm sure I'd love to read your thoughts too!! (no offense bipin, i enjoy your blog too :)

Maybe a nice mix of both would be a good way to experiment?

Kathy said...

I say give some thoughts and news...i do like news though keeps me posted as we are "out there".


Nice to see one can leave comments

swart said...

I think Michelle should win the prize for most "diplomatic" ... hehe!

I think more news, than introspective, although every now and then a good deep introspective, throught provoking entry is good too.

About Camera's ... Canon in my opinion is the best digital camera out there. I've compared my 2.1 mega pixel with many other 3 and 5 megapixel cameras who are NOT Canon, and found mine to be better. maybe it's the photographer ... hehe!

Michelle said...

I just recently purchased a Canon and have also been very pleased with it.

The picture you included in this entry isn't the one where Dominique is signing please, is it? I thought the sign for please was rubbing a circle on your chest?

swart said...

That picture of Dominique is the most adorable picture ever!

it is just so cute, a good capture of what she's like in person!


Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Hmmm... well, I will be *mostly* newsy, especially for my dad's benefit, and keep what's on my mind right there, on my mind, rather than on my blog! But, I might just not be able to contain myself now and then! LOL Yes, Michelle is very diplomatic. :)

Hmm... what kind of Canons do y'all have? We were camera shopping again this afternoon.

Michelle, no, that isnt the sign for please, it is the japanese sign for "oishii" (delicious). You are right, please is rubbing a circle on the chest.

David, thanks! I kinda thought so too! (about that picture!) :)

Kathy said...

News is great too.

It was so nice to see you guys yesterday!