Monday, January 30, 2006

Our Little princess

Featuring... the Backwash Queen! Dominique thinks water tastes better out of my cup too, for some reason.... This pic also shows how her front hair is coming in nicely. :)

"Please!" in sign lanugage

Here she is doing "Please" too. I loved this pic because this is the view I see her from so often... just precious!

The little girl has decided it is time to feed herself! At just the same age her big brother did, 15 months. Here she is enjoying one of her favorites: plain yogurt with applesause and wheat germ. YUM! Quite a lot of it actually is making it into her mouth!


Bipin Sen said...

her nose has healed nicely! i like the top down view pic! very cute!!

regarding my name - that's a person to person story! not something i want to leave floating around in the ether.. hehe.

Beth Hamstra said...

Hello Elizabeth Kay! Of course I remember you! I am definitely looking forward to a lot of new helps that I've met a lot of you already! I'm interviewing for a job next week with the Boston Consulting Group. I'm hopeful to get that job, but we'll see what the Lord has in store. Faith is being sure of what you do not see!
Great pics of your baby!

Michelle said...


How cute! I love the please sign. It encourages me to be more diligent with Addy. When did she start feeding herself with a spoon?

We had a baby bath tub that I think we used twice. It was terribly awkward for everyone involved... not to mention COLD for Addy. In the end we just used the bathroom sink. She loved it.

Thanks for the advice about the tub, we'll be careful!!

I've not figured out a way to upload more than five pictures at a time... if you do, let me know!

Kathy said...

She is the cutest thing...I love the please sign. Connor was all about signing and then dropped it all together...!!

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Joshua signed a lot until he learned to just *say* the words, and then he didnt want to sign anymore. Which was fine; he was still communicating! But I just melt when little ones sign. It is just too sweet!

Michelle, she just recently started feeding herself with a spoon... 14 mos was the very first time, I think.

I used the sink a lot with Joshua as a baby too, but with Dominique, I just put her in the big tub with just a couple inches of water with Joshua. Then when I got her out, I would add more water for Joshua to play in. ;)

Beth, good luck with the interview!

Bipin, I will bug you in person about your name! I know that in India babies are often not named until they are like one year old!