Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Building Blocks

Well, folks, it has happened. My little newborn baby girl has turned into a toddler. I am just realizing this now, because I think I have been in denial up until this point!

With my first, I was so anxious for him to do each new thing and reach each new stage... but this time around, I find I want my baby to stay a baby more than I did with Joshua. Not that I want Joshua to "hurry up and grow up", nor that I don't get excited with each new thing Dominique learns to do, but I think you get my feeling.

Anyway, Dominique is fifteen and a half months old now and is doing all sorts of things by herself. She feeds herself, goes down the slide by herself, colors pictures, plays with stickers, and is even learning to help me with household chores, like putting the clean silverware away, or putting the clothes in the dryer.

In these pictures, you can see that she has learned to build towers with megablocks as well. :)

She has been much later at learning to talk than what Joshua was, but that is okay with us, as he keeps our ears busy enough. :) But, her vocabulary is increasing, slowly but surely. She can say
mama, papa, baby, uh-oh, uh-uh (for no), and her new one is "hot". In addition, she does sign language for please, more, water, eat, mama, up, all done and poo-poo. Maybe others too, that I cant think of right now.

But speaking of doing sign language for poo-poo, she has been consistently telling me when she has business to take care of, with enough time for me to get her to the bathroom and do it there! I think she will be an easy one to graduate to potty trained status! yeah! If she has no diaper on, she usually tells me when she has to pee too. So, my plan is to wait until May or so when it is warmer, leave her bottom-less for a couple days and do full-time potty training then. Hopefully all goes according to the plan! :)

Just had to take a post to brag on my little one a little bit, mostly for the grandparent's benefit! Thanks for "bearing with me"!! :-)~


Michelle said...

At 10 1/2 months old Addy is totally potty trained too and she can say: "I'm hungry, internet, Germany & lasagna", as well as quote Psalm 119 Other than that she sticks to elaborate sign language. You can catch her translating at a nearby church for the hearing imparied.

Seriously though... :) Lately I have been feeling back and forth feelings about Addy getting older. Part of me wants her to remain a baby but part of me wants her to be a bit more independent by the time the new baby comes!

Bipin Sen said...

it must be the early hour, but michelle's comment made me chuckle quite a bit. you can start a daily one hour show, michelle! every day i look at priya and think, "wow.. she's growing up fast."

great pics, elizabeth! you should have more of you and fabio with the kids. same for you, michelle. though you can substitute johnny if you don't want fabio in yours. :-)

Kathy said...

They do grow up fast. Connor's new thing is to dray clothing all around the house and see which ones makes the most noise. He has dicovered David's jeans do. I was the same with Connor, as you were with Joshua, but now I want him to slow down, my little baby is an independant toddler! It will be interesting to see how I am with the next one.

Ohh Michelle you forgot how she can translate the bible into Afrikaans too, thanks to Connor.

Elizabeth....BRAG AWAY!!!

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Funny guys! Thanks for the comments. :) Makes me smile...

You know, I really think that if I had another baby on the way, I would be more "all about" teaching her to grow up and be independent, kwim?? But I dont, so for now, I just want her to stay my little baby. :)

You know, Bipin, it is kinda rare to get pics of US with the kids! The ones you have seen here with me in it, are ones that Joshua has taken! So, it has only been in the last month or so... Fabio is not a big picture taker or picture poser, but I'm working on him. :)

Michelle said...

Just wanted to make sure you knew that Dananay's had their baby last week! Check out her blog for an adorable picture.