Thursday, February 23, 2006

Look What I Found!!

Here are some pictures I didnt know I had of Adeline and Dominique, which as you can tell by their size and apparrel are not recent! I think Addy was 5 months, and Dominique was 10 months. It is kind of fun to compare and see how much they have both grown (and their hair!)...

Our video camera has a digital camera feature, but it is not very good, so we hardly ever use it. Apparently I did this day, though! Digital cameras have sure come a long way in five years!


Michelle said...

I remember that day! Its funny because when I first saw the pictures load I thought, "Hmm, that baby with Dominique resembles a younger Addy." I'm glad to know I can recognize my own baby!!

Any luck with the digital camera?

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Yes, Michelle, this baby does look a lot like a younger Addy!
Did you notice how Dominique's hair growth pattern was similar to how Addy's is now? Little in the way of bangs!

The camera will be shipped today to be serviced. Hopefully all will go well. ;-)