Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Another Kind of Deja Vu

Here we still are! We walked around the block, but got cold, so we headed to the mall to walk some more. I did still keep having contractions, but nothing is intensifying yet. So, now this is reminding me of another part of the week before Dominique was born: four days of early labor! I *really* hope this isnt the beginning of four days like this.....

Here's my comfort: I have never known anyone who was pregnant for longer than ten months. :) There is an end in sight! (Although I hope to not ever be counted in with the group of ten monthers either!)

I have hoped ever since I found out I was pregnant to have the baby before December 15th, so maybe I'll get my wish yet. I'd like to be up and around a bit by Christmas, and I'd like for the baby's birthday to not be *too* close to Christmas.... We'll see!


candi said...

Does your midwife have a current weight guesstimate? I have a funny feeling that you are giving birth to a 12 pound 1 month old!!!!
But hey that's nothing for you, you are the birthing queen!!!!

Kathy said...

Hey I know all about birthday's being close to Christmas!

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

I havent seen my mw lately... so no, she doesnt have a guess. My guess is that the baby WILL come out, though! :) And my hope is that Joshua keeps our family record for birth weight. No desire to outdo that one. ;)

When is your b-day, Kathy? I know your kids bdays aren't close to Christmas.