Wednesday, February 07, 2007

7 wk old Israel and the Superbowl

Here is my beautiful baby boy, 7 weeks old now! It has always seemed to me that the weeks of pregnancy drag, but once the baby comes, they FLY by!

After many tries, a nice sibling shot. Israel wasn't looking, but oh well.
They love him to death and want to hold him all the time! He is getting too big for them to hold him like they did when he was first born, though, which decreases his comfort level...

One in sepia....

And it will be the last time he can wear this outfit. The jacket is still okay, but the pants are both too short and too tight. They are 3 mo size.

Chubby boy. I wish I had some digital pics of Joshua at this age so you could compare. Sometimes I think they could have been twins, and other times I think Israel looks a lot different.

We made it to two superbowl parties this year, merely for social reasons, as neither of us care about football! Here is Fabio and the hispanic guys.

And before that we hung out with my family. Here are my neices and Dominique playing dress-up. They are so cute! Jessica is wearing the dress I wore in her parent's wedding. :)

This is a little blurry because she was moving, but Dominique's new favorite thing to do is curtsy. :) It is so cute! She even does it wearing pants, stretching out the bottom of her shirt! Such a little girl.

And, *finally* our first family photo! Took long enough! Joshua is in a stage where he thinks it is really cool to pose and make funny faces for pics...

Well, this week has been different and more restful, mostly because Fabio hasn't been able to work much in this extreme cold! It is wickedly bitter cold out there! I haven't wanted to get the kids out either, so we've mostly just been hibernating. We got a bunch of snow yesterday and the kids were dying to get out and play in it. Fabio let them go with him to scoop the walk, but they didn't last more than about ten minutes! It was too freezing cold!

Note to Eiko-san: Tegami morai mashita! Arigatou! Mata kakimasu ne! :)

More later!


Jonathan said...

Congratulations!! A beautiful child :)

Kathy said...

The family photo is really nice, and little Dominique is really adorable playing dress up.

Michelle said...

hiya stranger. :)

you're going to love that picture of joshua in the family shot one day... it will bring back such good memories of this stage, don't you think?

Israel is growing up fast! And he's super chubby too. I love those cheeks. John Michael is definitely not even close to Addy's chubbiness. Maybe that is because she was as long as he is now at 9 months?

Anyway, looks like you're staying busy despite the cold weather!

Bipin Sen said...

i ditto the comment on israel looking chubby. that's one solid looking boy!

lemme know when you guys are ready to get some money back!

luciana said...

domichan parece uma princesinha nesse vestido rosa... e acho que Israel é muito diferente de Joshua quando bebe...mas é lindo do mesmo jeito...cada vez que entro no blog, fico babando...escreve pra mim!beijos