Saturday, February 17, 2007

Da Basement's DONE!!!!!

I had five more pics that would not upload for some frustrating reason, but these will give you a good idea anyway.

Here we go down the steps. You can kind of see in this pic that there is a doorway to your right just at the end of the stairs. That is a "bedroom". We aren't supposed to have bedrooms down there because of lack of fire escapes, but that one was grandfathered in, so it stayed. Continuing on straight at the end of the steps takes you into the main area (family room), and if you turn to the left before you get there, you will head to the future bathroom and the crawl space room.

So, once you get into the main area and look toward the left, this will be your view. Since we couldn't have rooms and still wanted to break it up a little, Fabio put a partition in and that is what you see here. You can see the couch sticking out behind it. On the left side of the partition (where the trampoline is) will be our school/scrapbooking/sewing/play area, and to the right will be the family room. Fabio designed the built-in shelves here that I just LOVE! For CD's, videos, books and decorations.

Moving to your left, we are now in the "play" area, where you can see more shelving in the partition, the arch window that has the couch on the other side of it, and the fireplace on the wall in the family room side.

Here is the couch with the arch window above it. That way I can keep an eye on the kids no matter what side they are on. ;-) And yet more shelving next to the couch. Notice by the ceiling the detail with the lighting. Nice touch, eh? It is also wired on either side of the couch for surround sound stereo. :)

You can't really tell in the pics, but Fabio put rounded "bull-nose" corners in most places too.

Now the couch is to your right and you are looking back toward the steps from the back wall. More cool "wall boxes" there and the arching doorway leading to the hall. Just outside the arching doorway to the left is a nice big closet. :)

And that does it! We still have to get situated down there and figure out how to organize stuff. And we need some men to help take the rest of the furniture down. But for now, it sure is nice to be able to use it and for the kids to be down there without getting full of sawdust/paint/ drywall mud/ etc. all the time! And for Fabio not to have to use every spare minute to work down there. :-D YAY!!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Work Fabio!

It looks amazing - i remember a few years back when the mould was found :-)

great job!


candi said...

Great job Fabio!! I last saw that basement over 2 years ago~what an amazing change. Congratulations Elizabeth, you now get your husband back.

Joanie, Billy, Harrison, and Haven said...

It looks great, Elizabeth! I'm sure it's a great feeling to have it done. Are you going to use this as your main living area?

Bipin Sen said...

that does look very awesome! what great skills to have! i am always impressed with people who can work with their hands. great job guys (and i do mean all of you).

ChicagoGal78 said...

Your basement looks fabulous!!! We hope to get our basement finished one of these days! Hopefully over the summer when Boz is done with school... we'll see.

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Thanks, guys!

Is that David Kotynski?

Yes, it's nice to have hubby back!

Yes, it will probably be our main living area. There is a large living room on the main floor that is furnished by the church and is used for some church meetings. We can use it too, and we do, but mostly for Bible study and company. The furniture is too nice to want to spend too much time in there with the kids ~ especially since it's not ours!

Well, Bipin, you have some pretty useful skills too! ;)

What are you planning in your basement, Jody? Is Boz a handyman too?

Michelle said...


very impressive.

looking forward to hanging out there one day!

LUCIANA said...



Aunt Susan said...

Hi Elizabeth,
The basement is beautiful!! You must be so proud of Fabio and the wonderful work he has done. I sure could use him here to do some remodeling. I love the extra little things he did with the walls and lighting..Anzious to see it.
The kids are sure growing fast and baby Israel is so cute and I think he looks like Joshua.
You look wonderful and already have lost most of the baby weight. Good for you.
Love Aunt Susan