Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Por Favor

A quick post of Israel. He recently learned to say "por favor" (please in Portuguese). It's too cute with his little raspy voice! (We're not biased, of course!) We were drinking our green smoothie - the highlight of his day! You can also see him use his sign for "more" ("mais" in Portuguese), although he has gotten rather lazy about it!


MOM said...

I love hearing him say that! What a sweetie!

Jessica said...

Your mom is right...he is too cute! He's getting so big too!

Michelle said...

agreed. HE is adorable... but Elizabeth, GREEN SMOOTHIES!? Gag. :) You are too healthy! Your kids are bound to live at least 20 years longer than mine. :)

Cris said...

Que coisa mais linda o Israel falando por favor!!!rsrsrs Parabéns!!! um bjão