Friday, August 31, 2007

More Guests ~ The Maceda Family!

Well, in addition to the Monterroso Family that stayed with us this summer, we had more guests come to visit last week: The Maceda Family - the Peruvian pastor and his family who we met more than eight years ago in Japan. They founded the Peruvian church over there, which Fabio and I took over the leadership of after they had to leave Japan. So, we go way back and they have a very special place in our hearts. They currently live in Milwaukee where they pastor a hispanic church there.

At the forest preserve for lunch. They came with their three daughters: Cathy, Gizeth and Genesis, as well as Gizeth's husband Andrew, and they also have a brand new baby, Priscilla who we got to meet for the first time. A darling!

Ana, Genesis and Israel.

Baby Priscilla was fussing and didn't want to calm down, so I did the only thing I know how to do: I got my sling out and put her in it! Everyone was amazed when she fell asleep in about ten seconds and stayed that way for over an hour. :)

When my own little one wanted to nurse, I didn't want to disturb sleeping beauty in the sling, so I decided to juggle them both. :) Neither of them minded a bit!

In fact, Gizeth and Andrew were so excited about the sling that they borrowed it the rest of that day and enjoyed a calm sweet sleeping baby the whole trip. Before they left, I gave it to them. Maybe that will give me incentive to make myself another one like I've been meaning to for ages now!

Pastor Edgardo and Israel praising the Lord together!

Pastor & Dominique

Cathy with my darlings

I took them over to the church and introduced them to our (associate) pastor, Todd.

Last Friday was hectic, to say the least! Besides the SEVENTEEN people staying in our house, a whole lot of people were in and out to tell the Monterroso family goodbye, as it was their last day in the States as well. Here is a picture of a few of the folks.

And Dominique enjoying baby Priscilla

Genesis playing Hi HO Cherry-O with the kids

Many years ago in Japan, when Genesis was quite a bit younger, I always used to carry her around on my back! So, we had to take a pic this way for old times' sake.

And Joshua's turn to give the sweet little baby a little lovin'. :)

Well, as of last Saturday, we do not have overnight guests in our home, but I can't say as though we have slowed down too much! I hosted a surprise baby shower here on Tuesday, had our group as usual last night, and I am getting ready to start school for real with Joshua next week. So, I have been trying to organize, clean, etc. and maybe one day we will rest. But not today! I still have a lot to post of all the fun stuff we did all summer though, so hopefully I will get around to that. It was definitely a fun-filled summer and we thoroughly enjoyed it ~ but it flew by like a whirlwind! And now I can already smell fall in the air......

Thursday, August 23, 2007

And the Hispanic Ministry Grows.....

At church one Sunday

On the left here are Edgar and Rosa, who have been staying with us, and on the right are our friends from church Ernie and Nelly who have been involved in the hispanic group since the beginning and just moved in five houses down from us! What a blessing! They are also good friends of Edgar and Rosa, so it has been great to have them so close.

This is Rosa's sister Maria, who came to visit from Guatemala for about ten days. She is such a sweet lady and we really enjoyed having her.

A couple weeks ago, we had a cookout with the group and the rest of the pictures are from that night. We had a nice group there and a great time!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Well, a few weeks ago, we went bowling. :) This is the first chance I've gotten to post about it, but anyway, it was fun! It was the first time we had been since our honeymoon, and hence, the first time the children had been. They earned free passes from the library's summer reading program, so we decided to go while we had that going for us. Still, it is an expensive sport for a whole family!
We had Sofia with us this night, and they all had a blast!

Unfortunately, bowling alley lighting does not agree with my camera very well. Or, maybe I just don't know how to do it right, but anyway, I tried! Here is Sofi.

Israel didnt get in on the action this time, but he did enjoy watching. :)
For a little while, then he pooped out and slept through most of it, even with Fabio and I switching him back and forth in our arms to take our turns!

The children getting a tutorial from Daddy.

Trying hard to push the ball! It still took about five minutes for it to get to the pins!

The nice thing about modern technology in bowling, though, is that when you type your names in the electronic scoreboard, you can check for each person whether you want bumpers or not. So, when it was each of the children's turns, the bumpers automatically came up, and then automatically went down for Fabio and I. So, at least Dominique's balls did eventually reach the pins!

I can't say so much for Fabio and I! I think we should have left the bumpers up for us too!

Dominique receiving her congratulations from Daddy

Ready, set, go!

He's got his game face on here, expectantly watching to see how many he knocked down!

And a BIG high fiver from Daddy!!!!

I thought I would add in here some of the "darndest" things that Dominique has been saying. :) She has been really talking up a storm lately and it is fun to see her putting ideas into expression and to find out what is going on in that little mind.

A couple days ago, she said to all of us in the car: "I'm so sad." We asked "why?" and she replied with a mournful face, "Cuz I not have *any* childrens..."

Then the other day when my mom and niece were over, they commented that something was stinking outside and Dominique quickly said, "Someone died."

I know there are fifty more from this week alone, but I'm drawing a blank now. I'll try to think of some others and make a note of them before I forget them too!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Israel chasing the bunny

Here is a quick video of our littlest sweetheart so you can see how he moves these days! He definitely is getting around and is SO fascinated by the bunny! They both get their exercise crawling/hopping up and down our hallway. This video was about a week ago, I think, so Israel was about 7.5 months old. He is also standing up to the furniture and starting to climb now. He is wasting no time in trying to keep up with his big brudder and sister, that's for sure! (You can see a little of them tormenting him in this video too....)

I thought I would quick edit this to add some of Israel's antics with the bunny lately. First, the other day he was trying to pull Rabby's towel out of the cage and succeeded, pulling with it a few terds onto the floor! I scrambled with the help of Rosa and Sofia to pick him up and clean up, but we were too late... one of those terds made it into Israel's mouth!!! YUCK!!! Rosa extracted it and cleansed him thoroughly...
Then a couple days later, he tried pulling the towel out again. This time Rabby didn't like it, and grabbed the towel with his teeth and pulled the other way - so Israel was playing tug-of-war with the bunny! It was too funny! So, I decided then to let Rabby out, and he took his towel with him, which he had never done before, and took off TEARING down the hall. Well, I realized then that he didnt have the towel in his mouth and wondered if it was stuck somewhere? Turns out the binding had come off of one side and was around his neck! No wonder he didn't want Israel pulling on the towel - it was choking him!
And the last couple of days, the biggest temptation for Israel has been to yank Rabby's water bottle off the cage and take a quick sip before I can get to him! Yuck again, but not as big as the first yuck!
Ai, yai, yai.......

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Monterroso Family

As I mentioned in a previous post, we have a wonderful family staying with us for the summer ~ the Monterrosos! They are originally from Guatemala, and have been living in Spain as missionaries for the past five years. Prior to that, they lived for a year in this very house, before we were here, of course. We have been having a wonderful time with them! Edgar and Rosa have three beautiful children: Sebastian~17, Isabel~15, and Sofia,11.

A beautiful couple!

Sebastian has been playing this for our home group worship times!

Israel just loved playing this drum!

Last Saturday they made crepes for us for breakfast!

The Crepe Chefs, Sofia and Rosa

Rosa enjoys volunteering to hold Israel when he is sleeping. :)

The other day Fabio had a day off and so we took them to Fair Oaks Dairy Farm. Neat place! If you've never been there, I recommend it. It is one of the largest dairy farms in the country and they give a fascinating tour.

The milking carousel, otherwise known as the dairy-go-round....

Isabel trying her hand out at milking.

Sebastian having an udderly good time.

a drink of warm milk......

Elizabeth and Isabel

Sebastian and Israel playing lincoln logs

Sofia and Isabel enjoying some good ole American ice cream!

So, if you dont hear from me on the blog too often, this is my current excuse! We've been having lots of fun and there is a lot of activity going on around here all the time... :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bath Time..... in the Sink

7 month old Israel's Experience in the Kitchen Sink "Bathtub"

What am I doing in here?

Hey, I think I like it! This is pretty fun stuff!

It is rather frustrating to not be able to get ahold of this water, though.....

Ai yai yai ~ a face full of water! That was unexpected!

How could you have let that happen to me? I think I want out now!

All clean and dry now!