Thursday, August 20, 2009

On the Road Again!

Well, what can I say? We have been busy!
We have taken a few short overnight trips, and a few day trips lately, that I will chronicle here. =)

This is a picture of me with L. Elizabeth Krueger - the author of Raising Godly Tomatoes. I had the privilege of interviewing her for MamaKnowsBest and it was SO fun to get to meet her and spend some time with her family. You can read the interview here and enter to win one of her books!!!

A few days ago, we were able to go to a friend's alpaca farm and the kids LOVED it! They had a baby alpaca that was 3 days old that you can see below. They also had chickens the kids fed and other misc. animals, lol.

These next pictures are from our recent trip to the zoo! They have this cool "live" dinosaur exhibit up now that the kids enjoyed.

And on a different day, we took a day trip to go blueberry picking and have lunch at my Grandpa's house. We were unexpectedly able to pick blackberries at his house too! It was a bumper year for both kinds of berries and I was thrilled. We had a nice visit as well.

An another trip we took to visit my grandmothers. We stayed overnight at Grandma Nita's house, and stopped for lunch with Grandma Jean and my aunts from my mother's side.
Here are the pictures of that:
My cousin Brian and his wife Shasta by the creek at Grandma's:

Grandma and my littles:

The huge culvert they are putting in by Grandma's and re-doing the road and causing her more than a few headaches!

Shasta and their baby Sophia:

Grandma and I and the babies:

Aunt Nancy and I with the children, minus Joshua who was taking the picture!

Cassidy and Brodee (children of my cousins) with Joshua. They had a nice time playing. :)

Grandma Jean and I with Johann

Grandma Jean and Dominique

Uncle Roger took the kids for a ride in his golf cart around the property and they LOVED it! Israel got off and said, "That was REAL fun!"

We are enjoying our summer to the max, that is for sure! =)

Saturday, August 08, 2009

An Attempt at Catching Up...

I have so many things to blog about that there is no way I will be able to catch up completely, but here are a few things:
Joshua turned 7! We had an early celebration at the end of June for him and Levi, who turned 7 on June 11, so that Auntie Luciana could join in the celebration before going back to Brazil.

My neice Jessica will be 13 tomorrow adn she is passing me by already!!!

One of the BEST ways to enjoy the summer is in the hammock!

Dominique and I got to go to a tea party:

And we have gone to the beach twice!


Then on Joshua's birthday we celebrated with friends, who also have a son born on the very same day as Joshua!

Another one of the BEST ways to enjoy summer in the backyard:

Johann decided that he really enjoyed eating sand:

And yet another great way to enjoy summer, or any time for that matter!

In the hammock again:

At the waterpark with our church:

Getting some time with our friends who have also been our home group leaders this past year. They are moving to Virginia this week and we will sure miss them!!!

Whew! Now we are at least up to July! I keep trying to do better at keeping up and failing miserably. =) At least we are having fun though, albeit keeping busy!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Those who guessed (here on the blog, and on the facebook comments) did pretty well, but no one got 100%! Here are the answers!














14. Dominique