Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Name That Baby!!! ANSWERS POSTED

I have posted the answers to the name that baby game below! Thanks for guessing - that was fun! Now that you can see for sure who is who, who do you think looks the most like who? Which of the kids look the most like my and Fabio's baby pictures? From your answers, Johann and Israel were confused the most often! Interesting... :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Name That Baby!!!

I am constantly being told that all of my children look just alike, so I thought it would be fun to have a little comparison game! Here are baby pics, in random order, of our family. Cast your votes in the comments section! I would also be interested to hear who you think looks most like who....


Number One : Israel

Number Two : Johann

Number Three : Dominique

Number Four Johann

Number Five Dominique

Number Six Elizabeth

Number Seven Israel

Number Eight Joshua

Number Nine Dominique

Number Ten Elizabeth

Number Eleven Johann

Number Twelve Fabio

Number Thirteen Joshua

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baby, Buckley Homestead, Armor of God

Sleeping angel in our yard one beautiful autumn day:

He was 3 weeks old the day I took these. He is one month old today already! The first month after they are born sure goes faster than the last month before they are born!!

Just loved this angle....

This week we went on our first big adventure since Johann was born: the Buckley Homestead, which is an original homestead now used for educational purposes. The year was 1900. Here are all the students in the one room schoolhouse:

The cabin:

Inside the cabin, where the children learned all sorts of things about the way things were done in 1900:

Me and Johann outside the outhouse:

Outside the barns, we learned even more! They still have a working farm there, so we were able to see the animals and find out how the Buckley Homestead ran, way back when...

Inside the hay "loft":

Dominique and her little friend, Kiley:

Inside the hay barn:

Petting the sheep:

Last week, Joshua decided he wanted to make "the armor of God". The idea was entirely his own, and he received zero adult assistance in the construction process:

It brought up a great opportunity to talk about spiritual warfare, read Ephesians 6 together, and discuss each piece of the armor. Since he was interested enough to initiate this project, I think it will stick better! Learning at its best!

"Feet shod with the readiness of the gospel of peace..."

Thursday, October 09, 2008

New Baby In The House!


2.5 weeks old

First attempt at a pic of all four together:

SO excited to have a baby brother!! (Actually, he was so excited to be naked!)

Doting Siblings:

So many expressions.....


Sucking his thumb!
This is the only tim he tried it, and after the picture, I removed it from his mouth. ;) I don't want a repeat of Dominique sucking her fingers....

Quiet alert state




Looks like he will have red hair like Dominique!

This pic is obviously badly over-exposed, but I posted it because you can see his blue eyes. We'll see if he gets to keep them or not in a few months.....

Things are going fairly well. I am feeling a little stronger, the kids love him to death, and we are adjusting. Still not "there" yet, but in the process! More later!