Sunday, May 20, 2007

Israel is FIVE months old!

Yes, time flies! Our "newborn" is now rolling, learning to sit, crawl, and suck on his feet, among other exciting feats... or should I say "feets". ;-)

Here are a few pics of his big five months birthday, last Thursday.

For the record, he weighed in at 18lbs 7 oz and it was really hard to get an accurate measurement, because he never stretches out well and is always in constant motion, kicking the measuring tape away!, but as close as I can tell, he is about 28 inches. And he wears mostly 12 mos size clothes.

He is very smiley and loves to watch his siblings play ~ he thinks they are hilarious! He likes to play too. Sometimes when he fusses, I think he wants to nurse or needs to be changed or something, when all he really wants is to get down on the ground and play!

He can get up on his hands and knees now and rocks back and forth, and is starting to put his knees forward, but he doesn't get very far that way. He does get pretty far on his belly, though.

He can sit for short periods of time, but really prefers to be on his belly.

We haven't started solids yet, and he shows absolutely no interest either, although we have been having him sit at the table with us at meals lately. It is nice to have all three of them at the table now, like our little "olive shoots"! (see Psalm 128) He is perfectly content to chew on a teething ring at this point, however, and watch the rest of us eat!

Is he cute or what?
What a joy to have a happy baby around!

He is teething pretty badly now, even though nothing has come through the gums yet. He drools a lot and chomps on everything and has been up a lot at night... ugh. I can't say I really enjoy sleepless nights, but I have found that a combination of clove oil and teething tablets help us both sleep better. :)

I love these chubby cheeks!

And these chubby cheeks, too!

And a quick video clip of his recent motion!

I dont know why comments didnt show up on my last post. I checked my settings, and everything is fine there, so hopefully they will show up this time. I live for comments! LOL!

I still have a lot to post, so stayed tuned!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Baby Moriah

I'm a little behind since my sweet new niece Moriah was born 4 wks ago today, but I have a lot more to blog about than I have time to blog, if ya know what I mean! Anyway, welcome to the world and to the family little one!

This is my brother Scott, his wife Amanda, and their four little ones: Dillon 6, Cheyenne 4, Gabriel 2, and Moriah Sage at about a week old.

Auntie Friz meets Baby Moriah! What a tiny sweet little peanut!

And Israel looks like a big lug next to her! They are almost exactly four months apart, just like Dominique and Gabriel!

Joshua getting acquainted with his newest cousin. He loves babies, and always likes to add that he especially likes baby girls! LOL
We love you, baby Moriah!
Today Israel turned five months old, and I also received in the mail the cd of the pics we took in Brazil that somehow didn't make it home with us, so I have a lot of posting to do. Keep checking back! I'll try to get go on a posting binge and get it all up in the next few days. :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Well, as I mentioned a few posts ago, my brother Aaron got back from Iraq on April 28. I really wish we could have been here for the homecoming, especially after we found out how cool it was! This is the email my brother Scott sent me the day after Aaron got home:

aaron and the rest of the unit returned around 10:30 last night led by 428 harleys and some state police for 80 miles. there were thousands of people along the entire town on streets and lawns waving flags and banners. inside the compound there were around 600 family members to welcome them home. so contrary to what you hear on the media , people really do support our troops. scott

Scott made this sign and the one below and mounted it at Aaron's base the week before the homecoming. Pretty cool!

Uncle Aaron meets baby Moriah. :)
We sure are happy to have you home, Aaron! Thank you for your service to our country. I love you!

Friday, May 04, 2007

More Pics from Brazil

Our happy family of five. :)

Fabio's brother Fernando, wife Carol and baby Leonardo. (Fabio's dad is in the background.)

My smiley happy boy! He is getting so alert and strong, rolling over and trying to scoot everywhere. He is just a little bundle of joy.

Fabio's mom, Joshua, cousin Renata, sister Luciana with Israel, Carol with Leonardo, Me with Dominique and Tia Lucy.

Fabio's mom, aunt Rosa, Carol and Leo, Fernando, Luciana, Fabio. We did a whole lot of eating!

Here we are in front of a trolley that goes around downtown historical Santos, giving a little info about the history and such as it goes.

Mommy and Miki.

My sweet nephew Leonardo.

These brothers like to take nerd pictures just like my brothers do! LOL

This is at the hippie market, and here we are eating again! Me, William, Suzana, Fernando and Carol.

Joshua just LOVES to pose for the camera, which everyone with cameras enjoyed and took a billion pictures of him posing in every different way you can imagine. :) At least he's not camera shy!

At cousin Cristiane's apartment, eating once again!

We accidently left the other cd of our pics in Brazil, which has about another 200 pics on it! Luciana is sending it to us now, so when we get it I might post some more pics of that, since it has some interesting things like me washing all of our clothes by hand. :) Or, I might just stop with these.
We had a wonderful time, the kids were troopers in the midst of messed up schedules and a different environment every day, being on the go all the time and meeting a million new faces. In hindsight, I am really amazed at how well they did at just going with the flow, and I am really thankful for that! I got to know Fabio's extended family better this time than when we were on our honeymoon too, and that was great. I asked everyone I could all kinds of questions about the family history and came away with a little more understanding of all that. A little. :)
Now we are almost recovered from loss of sleep and nearly ready to get back into our comfy little rut. Almost. I'm off to take a nap now, while I have a window of opportunity when ALL the kids are sleeping at once! Doesnt happen very often, so I need to take advantage of it! :)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jog

Well, we arrived yesterday safe and sound, though thoroughly exhausted! But we had a wonderful time and made so many wonderful memories. We have several hundred pictures from the trip, so I will spare you from the majority of them, but here is a small sampling:

First, Santos, Fabio's hometown. What a place! His parents live about 2 blocks from this beach, which boasts the largest beachside garden in the world, as well as the largest port in South America. Who'da ever thunk I'd marry someone from here??

Santos is an island, so you have to take a ferry to get to the closest city. Here we are on the ferry with Fabio's cousin, Henrique.
God had something really cool planned for this trip: we got to have a part in Henrique giving his life to the Lord while we were there! He is just recently back from Japan and not working right now, so we got to spend a lot of time with him and Fabio had a chance to do a lot of discipleship almost every day as we walked along the beach and sat at home, etc. It was so awesome to see the change in him even in the few weeks we were there!

This is at the "orquidario" in Santos, with Fabio's parents, siblings, and cousins. It is like a nature preserve with a lot of loose and caged animals, all from the Amazon.

This is Fabio's family, l-r: our new sil Carol, Fabio's brother Fernando holding their baby, Leonardo, Luciana (Fabio's sister), Joshua, Fabio's mom, Fabio, me holding sleeping Dominique, and Fabio's dad holding Israel.
This was taken Monday at the airport.

More pics of the fam: Fabio and Israel, cousin Cristiane, uncle, Cristiane's husband William, cousin Henrique, sil Carol and nephew Leonardo (Leo), and my mother-in-law.

And more family, aunts, cousins, etc. :)

We spent lots of time at the beach, and lots of time eating!

At the beach with Fabio's cousins.

Mommy and Israel. He is 4 months now and growing so fast! He was a real trooper with all that we did during the last month.

My sweeties at the beach. They never got tired of digging in the sand and playing in the waves.

We were very happy to have had this chance to re-connect with Fabio's family and re-create family bonds. Everyone loved the children and they were spoiled rotten the whole time we were there! We had the privilege of seeing God move in several, and we are confident that it is only the beginning of what God will do in the family! How awesome! We were also pleased to meet for the first time and get to know our new sister-in-law, Carol, and their baby Leonardo, who is nine months old and a real smiley cutie. :-) The kids' Portuguese improved quite a lot and they were able to build relationships with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins for the first time. We are so thankful for the opportunity we had to go and we hope to be able to go again before another six years lapses. But, I am in awe once again of God's timing and purposes. We have already seen so many reasons why God allowed us to go at just this time, and I'm sure He will allow us to go again in His perfect time.

I will post more of the pics later. I'm too lazy now! ;-)