Friday, May 04, 2007

More Pics from Brazil

Our happy family of five. :)

Fabio's brother Fernando, wife Carol and baby Leonardo. (Fabio's dad is in the background.)

My smiley happy boy! He is getting so alert and strong, rolling over and trying to scoot everywhere. He is just a little bundle of joy.

Fabio's mom, Joshua, cousin Renata, sister Luciana with Israel, Carol with Leonardo, Me with Dominique and Tia Lucy.

Fabio's mom, aunt Rosa, Carol and Leo, Fernando, Luciana, Fabio. We did a whole lot of eating!

Here we are in front of a trolley that goes around downtown historical Santos, giving a little info about the history and such as it goes.

Mommy and Miki.

My sweet nephew Leonardo.

These brothers like to take nerd pictures just like my brothers do! LOL

This is at the hippie market, and here we are eating again! Me, William, Suzana, Fernando and Carol.

Joshua just LOVES to pose for the camera, which everyone with cameras enjoyed and took a billion pictures of him posing in every different way you can imagine. :) At least he's not camera shy!

At cousin Cristiane's apartment, eating once again!

We accidently left the other cd of our pics in Brazil, which has about another 200 pics on it! Luciana is sending it to us now, so when we get it I might post some more pics of that, since it has some interesting things like me washing all of our clothes by hand. :) Or, I might just stop with these.
We had a wonderful time, the kids were troopers in the midst of messed up schedules and a different environment every day, being on the go all the time and meeting a million new faces. In hindsight, I am really amazed at how well they did at just going with the flow, and I am really thankful for that! I got to know Fabio's extended family better this time than when we were on our honeymoon too, and that was great. I asked everyone I could all kinds of questions about the family history and came away with a little more understanding of all that. A little. :)
Now we are almost recovered from loss of sleep and nearly ready to get back into our comfy little rut. Almost. I'm off to take a nap now, while I have a window of opportunity when ALL the kids are sleeping at once! Doesnt happen very often, so I need to take advantage of it! :)


Cris said...

Já estamos sentindo muuuuuitas saudades!
Você nem imagina quanta alegria nos trouxe!!! um bjão Cris e Willian

Kathy said...

Looks like you guys had a grand time, the beach look just georgeous. Nice to "meet" fabio's family too

ChicagoGal said...

i absolutely love your little family picture!!!

Lisa said...

love the family photo and the laughing one of Israel. Thanks for sharing. SO neat! Makes ME want to go there!