Friday, February 08, 2013

We Need to Get ORGANIZED!!

I could not stand to even look into the children's bedroom. There was just SO much clutter everywhere!  I would sometimes try to tackle it, but we didn't have anywhere to put everything. No closet, no under the bed space, nothing. I wanted to tell the kids to put their stuff away, but they truly had no where to put it!  Something had to be done before I lost my sanity with one more glance in the direction of this room...  The two older kids sleep on a bunk bed, and the two beneath them sleep beneath them - on a mattress that goes under the bunk beds during the day. This eliminates potential storage space under the beds. Only Dominique had a dresser, and it was overflowing with junk. We had a shelf for the boys' clothes, but it was not working well and they basically just ended up shoving everything on - which was very visible since there were no doors to shut and hide all the mess. And books and toys just got dumped "wherever".