Monday, August 25, 2014

Making Room for One More - Part 3 (Making a Co-sleeper)

I like to keep my babies close to me at night while they are little. To serve this purpose, I have always used a pack-n-play with the bassinet attachment next to my bed. However, when we returned to Brazil two years ago, Olivia was already five months old, and we were short on space, so we brought the pack-n-play, while leaving behind the bassinet attachment. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Making Room for One More - Part 2

Part One is Here.
So once I got my stuff out of the "Storage Room", I was just dying to tackle an enormous project: refinishing the cabinet! We bought this cabinet at a used furniture store four years ago because it was sturdy and functional and what we could afford, but I always thought it was as ugly as sin. Just never seemed like a good time to do anything about it, though....  Until now!

Making Room for One More- PART ONE

There's always room for one more! We are just in the process of trying to discover where it is at! Hehe. We live in a wonderful home, but it is not large by American standards, for eight people, at about 900 square feet. But with a little creativity, we can make it work very well.