Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy EIGHT Years To Us!

Last week Fabio and I celebrated eight years of marital bliss! It has been an amazing journey and I wouldn't trade it for the whole world!!!

This was in about October of 1999....

This was April of 2001 - tying the knot!!

My favorite wedding picture:

Last week, 2009, celebrating at Red Lobster!

(The crop on this pic was accidental and I nearly cried! It was better before the crop, but I can't undo it now... )

One more shot from RedLobster last week. :)

Fabio is fabulous.
I love you so much, darlin', and it just keeps getting better with time!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pot-head ??

Sorry for the potty humor, but this was just too funny not to post! Israel took himself to the potty the other day, and thought it would be funny to put the toilet seat over his head. (He is the family ham!) It got stuck there.

Look at those lips!!

I'll post more later. :)

Monday, April 13, 2009


Before I begin, PARTS TWO AND THREE of the interview with Mrs. Tripp is online now at www.mamaknowsbest.net.

DONT FORGET TO LEAVE A COMMENT FOR A BOOK!! You don't have to be a member to leave a comment!

Well, we have been busy. Again. Or still. Or whatever! =) This time, we have had visitors. Fabio's sister, Luciana, arrived from Brazil about a week and a half ago, and will be staying here for 3 months.
The same day, a friend of ours from Japan, Eiko-san, arrived to visit for ten days. She knew Luciana, too, when we all lived in Japan, so she wanted to come while Luciana was here.

Luciana was planning to take ESL classes at our local community college starting the Monday after she arrived, so if we were going to do any sight-seeing, we had to do it right away. So, we hit the door running those first few days!

Trips included Fair Oaks Dairy Farm, and Amish Country. It was so fun!

And a princess party for Priya and Skylar. It was so much fun to see all the little girlies in their fancy dresses....

One evening I made a huge "american" dinner and that was fun too! :)

We ate it with Abby, who is living with us from England, and Isaac, my friend's son who is studying Japanese.

Oops, back at Fair Oaks here...

Amish Country.

Johann is starting to crawl!

Amish restaurant....

And we end with another American experience at McDonalds!

Two bits of bad news. Even though we had a great time for those first few days, after that Eiko-san got sick and ended up going home a few days early. :-(

And, Luciana took tests at school for two days, and in the end, she was told that she could not study there, because her level was too high for the ESL classes, and she doesn't have a SS# for the other classes.....
So... she has become our new student at our homeschool! We had our first school day this morning and it went well. That ESL teaching experience from Japan is coming in handy once again. ;-)

Coming soon: Pictures from Passover and Easter..........

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Interview with Mrs. Margy Tripp


A very edifying parenting conference at our church in February with Tedd Tripp, who authored Shepherding a Child’s Heart, led us (at MamaKnowsBest) to the opportunity to interview his wife, who also co-authored with him Instructing A Child’s Heart!

Well, the first segment of the interview is now up on MamaKnowsBest! Mrs. Tripp graciously took quite a lot of time writing to us younger mothers and I know you will be blessed by reading what she has to say. Because she took time to really deliver some “meat”, I will be publishing the interview in segments to give us all time to digest well the wisdom of her words.

She has also been kind enough to agree to giving away some of her books to readers of MamaKnowsBest!! Please check the site for information to win your copy!