Thursday, October 15, 2015

This World is not My Home, Part Six


This is Part Six of a blog series. You can read the previous parts by clicking below:
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So for the next year, I kept struggling to stay focused on my heavenly home... a struggle that I felt like I was losing most of the time. Which made me really discouraged with myself for being so carnal. The situation we were living went from bad, to worse, to WORST as well. All of the complications I mentioned in the previous part continued, and especially the interpersonal struggles that I hinted at, became acute. All of this affected our marriage as well. And that is the worst! I have always said that as long as WE were good, we could face anything that came our way. But when WE were not good, all of life was rotten. So, basically, all of life was rotten.
(This picture is of us between a rock and a hard place. Couldn't have a better pictorial reference to our emotional state of affairs!)