Wednesday, January 25, 2006

It's A Boy!!

Just had to share our most exciting event of the week! One of my best friends, Kendra, had a beautiful baby boy this morning at 1:40am. I had the privilege of being with her for the miraculous occasion and it was amazing! I've been "on call" for the last couple weeks, so now I can get off the pins and needles! :)
He weighed 9lbs, 2oz and he's just perfect! Everything went smoothly and Kendra did great. Dr. Rosy attended the birth and he was fabulous ~ he is 69 years old and has attended over 4,000 births! He was funny and put everyone at ease. I think the only mishap was that she bit me on the shoulder during one of the last pushes! LOL. I am fine though. :)
The timing was perfect: I left the house at 10pm, while the kids were already in bed, and I got home a little after 4am, in time for Dominique's 5am nursing. She never knew I was gone! Dominique was my biggest concern, so I am so thankful that the timing all worked out so beautifully.


Michelle said...

Congratulations to Kendra! What an honor to attend the brith Elizabeth. Your midwifery skills are preceding you. :)

Bipin Sen said...

i think michelle wants to sign up! watch out.. her teeth are sharper! :-)

Michelle said...

Great job Elizabeth (and Kendra)!!! What did they name the baby?
This is my first blog writing so I hope this works: )
See ya later!

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Yes, it was a huge honor for me to get to be there. :)

I would *LOVE* to be a midwife one day. When my children are older.... But until then, I will just enjoy attending births of any of my friends who will let me. :-D Tatiana has me lined up already, if she does get to have a baby. :)

Lol, Bipin!

Michelle ... is that Michelle Tymm??? You should make a blog! They named the baby Nicholas John. Your comment *worked*. :)