Monday, March 27, 2006

Yay! Pictures~!

Our Beautiful Little Princess
Dominique Joy

Joshua and Dominique this morning in their "same and same" boots. ;) We took a walk to Walgreen's to develop our last roll of 35mm film and pick up a gallon of milk. I think I must be out of shape after the winter, because I felt kinda tired after our walk! Good thing spring is on its way and we will be able to get some more exercise....

Dominique and Joshua with cousins Cheyenne and Dillon. They love playing together SO much!

Joshua and Grandma Carol
While I was typing that, Dominique saw the picture and was trying to say "Grandma Carol"! Not very clearly, but some definite "G" and "C" sounds. :)
We were able to stop by Teibel's where Mom works the other night and that was fun! When Joshua was complimented on his Carhartt jacket, he was sure to announce that his mommy bought it for him at the "thrip shop"!!

This isn't really interesting subject matter, but we were just messing around with different camera modes and stuff and I thought this came out pretty good...

I am working on figuring out how to post a video so I can be cool too like my computer savvy friends Bipin and Michelle. :) hehe

We have been keeping busy as usual. Last week my mom and I and the kids took a little trip to visit my Grandma Nita. Her husband of four years has not been feeling well, so we wanted to see him and help Grandma with whatever we could. I don't think we were any help, but it was fun to visit. :)

Dominique is rather crabby today, so I think we might be in for some more teeth..... yay.

And I guess for now, that's all she wrote.


Bipin Sen said...

yay for pics! have you tried taking video with the camera? once you have the video, it's really easy. i'm sure either michelle or i could give you help on how to put it online.

Kathy said...

WOW that is a walk to walgreens. Nice way to get into shape!!

The pics are really cute. I love the matching boots

Mom (Carol) said...

The pictures are so good, Friz. Of course it's because the kids are so cute! Your new camera is really neat. Can't wait to see videos on here.

Bipin Sen said...

no good alternatives to google, yet. but i did see your rappin' in the car video! are there other ones that you are waiting on?


olivia said...

hi there frizzy! i luv your website and all the pictures!! i luv you!! thankyou again for the refreshing evening :)
love always
your kindred spirit olivia