Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Da Basement

Whew! Sorry it's been a while since I've updated this! We have been busy..... One of the things we have been busy with is this: the basement. Fabio is totally finishing it! It is not mostly framed, and all the drywall is purchased, but not yet hung. Here are a few before pictures, showing just a shell. It was finished at one time, but gutted out before we moved in because of some mildew problems, from what I understand.

So, anyway, I didnt post this for a while becuase I was waiting for some more pics of the framed version, which are in the other camera which

Fabio keeps in the car. I finally decided to just post, and someday I will post before, during and AFTER pics.... that's what I'm really looking forward to!

Fabio has been working so hard! I'm so proud of him. He has been working longer hours at his job, then comes home and goes straight to the basement to work some more.
He has put a lot of thought into how to do it down there, and he has such a creative flare that I know it will be really cool when it's done! :)

The kids have gotten in on a lot of the action too! Home Depot is their new favorite playground, and they think that these nifty carts are better than a jungle gym! They are learning to do all kinds of new acrobatic tricks during our many late night excursions. hehe.
Joshua also thinks these tubes of liquid nails are really "shooter guns". :)

You can see my growing belly in this shot too. :)

Dominique likes to just "hang around" here.

They also have great fun playing in the basement. They love to "help" Daddy. :) As you can see here, Joshua is into "posing" for pictures these days....
One of their favorite activities is playing with the "salt dust" (saw dust). They collect it in cups, sweep it in piles, etc. One day Dominique's hair was CAKED full of saw dust! That was fun to clean out! I wasnt there right then, but I have a strong feeling big brother helped her out on that one.....


Michelle said...

Dominique's salt dust hair do reminds me of a baby powder hair do she had once... maybe Joshua should open a salon?

Lisa said...

lol. Growing up with two brothers my mom learned many ways to get things like "salt dust" out of my hair. Now this sounds crazy BUT I recommend a nit/lice comb. It gets many things out of girls hair.

Kathy said...

Nice tips about getting stuff out of girls hair, will keep that in mind.

You look great Elizabeth!

Bipin Sen said...

well... at least now there's no rush! :-)

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Thanks for the tip, Lisa. :)
Thanks, Kathy!
Ya, Bipin, true. I will explain in the next post. :)

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