Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My Big Tan Working Man!

These are pics of my man workin' hard! I keep forgetting to flip the pics before uploading them, so sorry they are mostly sideways!

Working in the sun everyday has sure given him a nice tan!
He works hard, but he enjoys his work and has learned so many useful skills ~ which he is now able to put to good use in the basement! :)

On another note, today is Joshua's birthday! I will be posting more pics soon. I have lots to post, just not lots of time to post them! So, keep checking in! :)


Lisa said...


Michelle said...

happy birthday! how quickly our babies grow up. :)

Did you take these pics Elizabeth? Do you visit Fabio at work ever?

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Thank you for the birthday well wishes! I will pass them on to Joshua.

No, Michelle, a guy at work took these pics for Fabio. I did used to visit him on occasion when we had a second car, but it hasnt happened now since last summer. :( Although, since his lunch time is our usual naptime, Im not sure how often it would happen anyway!

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