Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Extended Family Festivities

This is my Grandpa Howard with Israel. He and his wife Joan spend the winters in Texas, so this was the first time we saw him since they came back.

Grandpa had his 83rd birthday last week, so we helped him celebrate!

This is how I'm looking these days. This was yesterday, and I am at 23 weeks today. :)

This was at our late Mother's Day celebration last Sunday, of my Mom with the kiddies. She was sick on Mother's Day, so we postponed our lunch for a week.

Dominique and Cheyenne wearing the tissue paper that Grandma Carol had just removed from her gifts!
Does anyone else think they look like sisters?

My brother Aaron with Israel and our neice Moriah, who just wouldn't smile for the camera!

Yesterday for Memorial Day, we had a family cookout, and also celebrated my sil Amanda's and nephew Levi's birthdays while we were at it. There are so many of us these days, that we have to group things together that way! :)
My Aunt Sue and Uncle Joe were able to join us for a little while before heading back home to MO.

Finally caught Moriah smiling on camera! (Smiling at the dog...)

The birthday celebrants, Amanda and Levi

Dominique and Blondie.
She was deathly afraid of her not too long ago, so I just HAD to get a picture showing how much she had warmed up to Blondie, and dogs in general. She even told me the other day that she wants to get a dog because she loves them so much!!!

So, that about brings you up to date. :) Blogging has been a little ... low, on the priority list these days, but I'm trying to keep at least occasional updates going! I guess we're just busy living most of the time! :)


Anonymous said...

DEar Girl,
Had time to check and good to see the photos of Dad and all the rest. We are considering getting a dog, but with a possible move and etc. maybe later. At least here they are not so worried about pets in rentals as there as everything is concrete. Dad looks like he is about to lose all of his remaining hair. Aaron jsut shaves and does not have to worry about it. The girls do look like sisters! Was the party at Aaron's. Are you still feeling good with the pregnanacy? Love dad

momanna98 said...

I think I was that big the day I gave birth! ;-)

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

LOL, I think you were too! How did you manage to hide a 9 lb baby in there? So not fair!

luciana said...

parece que tempo é algo que todos nós estamos precisando...
as crianças estão lindas, como sempre!
vc viu aquelas sugestões de sites para as crianças?
são interessantes, ou não?