Friday, August 08, 2008

Bellies and Buddies

Where did my feet go???

Hehe. Joshua took these pictures of me about two weeks ago - which means that I've gotten bigger since then!

Do any of you "old" friends of mine remember my "old" neighbor Julie? We got together last week for the first time in about six years! She is also expecting her fourth baby. It was great to see her!

This was at Joshua's soccer game last week. He was playing against our friend's little girl's team!

It was a good thing Tammy and I took the opportunity to take this picture, because the next day Tammy left the "belly club"- by giving birth to a beautiful baby boy!

One more of Michelle and I. She is my belly friend that is closest in timing to me - due five days before me! :)

And now I have a brand NEW belly buddy!! My sister-in-law Amanda recently discovered that they are expecting baby number five! Congratulations, guys!


Cris said...

nossa, como a barriga tá grande!!!
vc tá lindaaaaa, viu!
um grande bjo

jodes said...

i can't believe you and all your pregnant friends! I guess most are my friends too... LOL!! How did you and Julie get back in touch (and of course i remember her!)!? I can't believe she's on baby #4!! And i can't believe even more that Amanda is on #5!! CONGRATS AMANDA!! I'll be sure and stay away from the water you gals have been drinking....

Mercedes said...

Uaaooh.. It seems like I left a long time ago !!
I just arrived from Cancún and it was incredible ! A lt of fun.. :)
Just 38 days .. that means time is going sooooo fast!
Kisses for everybodyy !and a big hug for each of the kids.

Jessica said...

Great picture!! When is Amanda due?!