Friday, July 17, 2009

Joshua's Rock, Mineral & Fossil Museum

Joshua has a newly-opened

Rock, Mineral and Fossil Museum

We would like to invite you all to visit us soon!

According to Joshua, the museum's real perks are:

*Lower admission than your average museum, at only $0.25 per person, and children four and under are FREE!

*At this museum, you may handle the objects; touching, feeling, and picking them up is encouraged, as opposed to most museums in which handling is forbidden.

(Or leave a comment on this post.)

Mom's Note:

Joshua is hoping for enough revenue from this museum to employ Dominique for $1 a day! She is pretty excited about this prospect, and is planning to buy *dresses* with all the money she hopes to make! In fact, she told me the other day that she hopes to make SO much money that she will be able to buy enough dresses to open a dress museum soon!!! Stay tuned!!!



Abby said...

That is AWESOME! I can totally imagine it :) love to you all xxx

Clair said...

Too funny! $1/day isn;t bad at all for her, smart lady!!!

jodes said...

HA! Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

You have some little entrepreneurs there! So cute

Lyric from the 'shed

Daniela Tamashiro said...

oiiiii! ouxa Elizabeth, fico feliz em saber que vcs farao um `museu` em casa!!! =) a Dominique e realmente uma menina muuuito espertinha, nao?! hehehe!
AH! qdo o museu estiver pronto coloque as fotos pra q eu veja tbm ok! estou curiosa!
ah! tbm to torcendo pra que o museu da dominique ocorra logo, logo. bjs! Saudades! DEUS ABENCOE A TODOS!