Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dominique's Words

Well, our stubborn little sweetheart has finally decided to start being a bit more verbal and it is exciting, let me tell you! Now it seems she comes up with a new word or two daily. Here is a little sampling of her new vocabulary, although I couldnt hold her attention long enough to get her to do my favorite: "Aw, man!" Maybe next video. :) You can also see her driving her car up my arm, one of the lady-like games she has learned from her brother.
And, as you can see, Joshua doesnt handle well letting her have the spotlight all by herself! It is a little painful for him to realize that not all things center around him, but I think it may be one of the most important lessons he may learn in life! Anyway, here is the video. :)


Michelle said...

how sweet! Addy isn't saying much herself but she is beginning to read out loud to herself (which sounds like nonsense of course) and I think she is trying to communicate more even though I can't understand anything she's saying... :)

I don't think Addy has a preference as to who she's with when she's sleepy... Neither of us have encouraged her to fall asleep in our arms so I think her #1 preference is her lamb, paci and her crib. :)

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Dominique's preference is her crib too ~ she refuses to fall asleep in our arms! This can be frustrating if we are out somewhere at bedtime!

Bipin Sen said...

priya refuses to sleep unless she's rocked to sleep.

yea right... that will be the day. :-)

she loves her crib, and always has a hard time sleeping anywhere else.

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Hey, finally another comment! i was wondering where all my comment-leaving friends were! hehe

Ya, there are advantages and disadvantages on both sides. Joshua would sleep ANYWHERE when he was little, as long as it was ON ME! It was kinda nice, when we were out, but not so nice when we were home and I really just wanted him to sleep on his own.

Dominique is just the opposite. :)

Maybe this next one will be the perfect balance??? hehe

I tried to post something new, but the server wouldnt let me, so you'll all just have to keep watching Dominique say her words for a little while longer. :)