Monday, May 01, 2006

Videos from the Wedding (finally!)

Joshua and Dominique had such a blast dancing together at the wedding reception!

Dominique enjoyed Daddy twirling her around alot more than I do! It makes me dizzy, but she loved it! If you look in the background, you can see the groom busting some funky moves, dancing over to his bride. :)

And, especially for those who know the Maceda family, here is a short clip of the bilingual wedding. I especially liked seeing the groom wipe his bride's tears away so tenderly. It was beautiful!


Julie B said...

Loved the videos! I have got to learn how to do that on my blog!

Michelle said...

very cute videos. Your kiddies are dancing machines!

Kathy said...

kids are a riot.....and yes i agree really sweet seeing the groom wipe her face!

Bipin Sen said...

someone needs to let julie know how to post videos. this is the second place i've seen her ask that.

great videos! i like the dancing.

Anonymous said...

I like the shots from the park and the earlier ones from the party. Parks do not cost much and are a lot of fun. I have some fishing poles or did, Joshua can have one of those if you want. Once I get a camera, I may even do a blog. I truly enjoy looking at yours.