Friday, September 15, 2006

Family Fun

My sister-in-law Suzy and the kids were up from Georgia last week just for a few days and it was really good to see them! We had thought they wouldnt be back up for a visit again until Christmas, so it was a nice surprise. The kids had a blast all playing together again, and as usual it was a challenge to get a decent picture of everyone! Next year we will have two more kiddos to add to the line-up! Guess we'll have to get a bigger couch. :)

Last Wednesday Fabio couldnt work because of the rain, so he decided at 7am that it would be a good time to clean the pool and put it away! So he and Joshua went out in their boots and rain coats in the pouring rain to "work". I just thought it was a funny scene. :) And I think Fabio got wetter from Joshua's "help" with the hose than from the rain!!

Here is one more pic from my b-day, a bit closer-up in case anyone who hasnt seen me lately wondered how my belly is looking these days. :) (Incidentally, for anyone who didnt already know this, if you click on the pictures, you can see a bigger version.) I am 28 weeks along now, and I think I am smaller this time than the previous two. But, just when I think I'm nice and "little", a couple different people asked me last week if I was *sure* I wasnt having twins, and someone else told me I was *HUGE* and someone else swore I'd never make it ALL the way to December! [ rolleyes ] Oh well, I guess I'm just blessed that way, with a spacious baby carrier in front. :)


Kathy said...

You look great, you really do, all baby...really cute! Don't you love those "nice and encouraging" comments!

Lisa said...

I don't know why people feel the need to 'think it and say it' so freely. YOU LOOK WONDERFUL! and very healthy! Pretty soon I am going to have the 'oldest' baby of the group (Julia, Carter, Abbi, Emma, Ruby, John Michael, Talor, Roxannes little one, your little one). Crazy! I guess that means I need to have another one : )

Michelle said...

Do it Lisa!!

Elizabeth - I feel your pain!! Especially with my 2nd pregnancy people were forever telling me how huge I was... as if I didn't feel huge already! :)

But I'm definitely on the "you look great" bandwagon. Even up close and personal you can see how you're all baby :)

a Wilson said...

2 more babies at Christmas... who's is the other one?

a Wilson said...

I thought it was Amanda, I heard they were trying again!