Monday, September 11, 2006

Rainy Day Fun!

Mud boots, serving their purpose... discarded on the driveway! These are too big for Dominique, and she cant walk well in them, but she has outgrown her other ones. She tried removing them three times, and I finally quit trying to keep them on her feet.

She was much happier once she could walk around freely in her sock feet! Good thing she wasn't wearing white socks! (Incidentally, she is starting to recognize and say her colors. Her "favorites", or at least the ones she can say the best right now are green and blue. I think they were Joshua's first ones, too.)

She was being unusually cooperative with the camera today, so I had to take advantage of the opportunity, and I did get quite a few cute shots! This is a sampling of my favorites.

What a big girl! She is looking less and less like a baby to me now, and rightly so. She will be two next month, and soon there will be a true baby joining our big girl!

Joshua's cheesy grin was induced by finding a whole treasure heap of worms! He has been dreaming of fishing, and collecting worms in the meantime. :) The only time he has been fishing, they couldnt find any worms and used grapes instead! The fish did eat the grapes, but apparently grapes slip off of hooks too easily, and they didnt catch any fish. This time he will be armed and ready!


Letting Dominique hold his worms. She was a bit apprehensive at first, but eventually accepted his gift. He had an ulterior motive: he had found a pile of BB's outside the Royal Ranger shed that he wanted to collect instead of worms.

"They're kinda wiggly, but I think I like them!"

"I wonder what will happen if I run with them, swing them around, and squish them between my fingers??"

"You know what? I dont think I like these things after all! They are too squishy! After all, I am a GIRL!! You take it, Mommy!"

This last picture is of Fabio and I in front of the big bean at Millenium Park in Chicago. Fabio took me downtown on Saturday night for a special date... for my birthday! It's not often we go out without the kids, and it was nice, but ya know what? We missed them! Everything we saw, we wanted to show them too, so we think we will just have to go back and share the joy!


bipin said...

worms.. ugh.. :-)

no worries about hp. one can go on and on about it, and not convince either side.

no real advantage with beta except using the latest tools. though every new blog created will be in beta, so soon you won't be able to comment on those blogs unless it's done as "other".

Kristi said...

Happy belated birthday!

Kathy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And you are looking good. We can not wait to meet your little baba!

ChicagoGal78 said...

Ditto! Happy Belated Birthday! Don't ya love Chi-Town? I work across the street from Millenium Park. So I'm there all the time. Its great.

Michelle said...

it was nice seeing you today! I didn't realize you left the kids behind for your date! Who babysat?

I love the pictures of Dominique with the captions - definitely scrapbook worthy. :)

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Thank you for all the b-day well wishes!

Amanda VanDeursen babysat for us on Saturday. :)

I think these pics will have to go in Dominique's baby book, which I have been trying to work on because I want to finish it before new baby comes along! :)

Lisa said...

LOVE LOVE the photos of Dominique with the worms.... SOOO cute. I almost woke Julia up giggling while looking at them. I am a worm fan. No fear here. Two brothers and no sisters will do that to a girl.
Happy belated birthday.
One question: what's a date? Some day I may find out... ; )

Michelle said...

Elizabeth, hmmm... I think his eyes will be blue. Maybe the pictures shows them darker but the insides of them are definitely getting lighter blue. :) I love blue eyes so I'm thrilled!