Saturday, November 25, 2006

Finally, some recent pictures!!

Here are some of my friends, l-r: Michelle, Candi, and Teri. My sil Amanda had a casserole shower for me nearly two weeks ago, and we had a really nice time!

Big me and more friends: Danielle and another Michelle, holding sweet John Michael. :)

Pregnant Bellies. I love taking these shots! Me at 36 weeks, Teri at 31 weeks and Amanda at 19 weeks.

Me and long time friend Kristi.

Then last Saturday we had a hectic day! We got up early to go to my Grandpa's early Thanksgiving/ Christmas gathering, which we technically had to miss because of a wedding, but we at least wanted to go for a little bit to see some of the out-of-town family. Especially since we aren't going to trave this year, at Thanksgiving or Christmas because of the pregnancy/ baby. We had a nice short but sweet time, and left from there to go to the wedding.

Here is the happy couple! Our friend Greg, from church, went on a mission trip with out church to Argentina a little over two years ago and this was the result! He met Alejandra down there and this was the long-awaited culmination of what started then. :) Alejandra was finally able to come about a month ago, and we are enjoying getting to know her.

This past Wednesday night we had a Thanksgiving gathering with the hispanic "gang". It was a good turn-out and a good time. We had lots of food, and then I used a children's story book to tell them the story of Thanksgiving, which none of them had heard! They just thought it was turkey day. :) Fabio also shared from the Word and we had a good time singing together.

Remember Alejandra, from the wedding picture? This is her mother, Miriam, and sister, Claudia, who were able to come up for the wedding. They stayed with us for a few days this week while Greg and Alejandra are on their honeymoon, since they can't speak English and Greg's family can't speak Spanish! We really enjoyed getting to know them. They were here for both the hispanic Thanksgiving gathering, and my family's Thanksgiving the next day.

Here are a few of the kids that were at the Wednesday night gathering.
Two things about this pic:
1) See the pool that I plan to give birth in? Isn't that cool!? It's been here since Tuesday and the kids have been having a blast playing in it! (There is NO water in it yet!!!)

2) Notice my bald child?? Tuesday morning as we were trying to get out the door to Ladies' Bible study, I told Joshua to get out of the bath and get dressed. He always does that by himself. A few minutes later, I was thinking that he was taking too long, so I went to check on him. He had the tiny little scissors that I use to cut their nails and was using it to sheer himself to the bone all along his forehead! After being disciplined, he was then shorn the rest of the way, which he thought was rather traumatic. He did NOT want to be bald. After it was all over, I was trying to console him a little by telling him that at least now he looked like his Uncle Aaron and cousins. He said, "But this kind of hair only looks good on them, not on *me*!!"

Here is a picture of Dominique and Cheyenne, all gussied up! They just LOVE playing dress-up, so it made for a nice Thanksgiving afternoon activity. :) Unfortunately, my memory card was full, so I deleted a few pics to take this of the girls, but didnt get any others from Thanksgiving. The good news is that our video camera is finally working again, so at least I got some footage that way. We had a great time together!
(Scott, if you read this, could you email me your pics from this day please?)

Today I am 38 weeks pregnant, 2 weeks from my due date. Everywhere I went today I had LOTS of people comment on how "ready" I looked, that it must not be long now, and that I looked like I was about to pop. I feel like I'm about to pop! I guess there is still a shred of hope that I might not go too late this time ~ it would sure be nice ~ but I'm not getting my hopes up too much! In the meantime, I have been working on nesting projects all week, as time and energy allow. There are still a lot of things I want to get done, but each day I feel a little more ready, and if baby would oblige me by coming early, I would have NO problems not getting any more of my projects done, that's for sure!!
Oh, and I think we finally have names! We have never been secretive about names before, but since it's this close already, I think we'll just wait until baby makes his/her appearance to make the name announcement. :)


Kathy said...

Aahh...oh well at least we don't have to wait too long! I am so excited for you, and you look so good. (I like the dress you wore to the wedding)

Keep us posted!

Bipin Sen said...

ahhhh... the suspense is killing me! did i win the prize? haha.. just kidding...

i like joshua with his marines look! in india it is common for kids to get their hair shaved off once so that the new hair comes in fuller and thicker.

candi said...

Remember I said Dec 9!! I have hope!
PS thanks for the discretion:)

Julie B said...

I think almost all kids try that with scissors at least once while they are young. TJ has never done that, but he did take a pair of scissors to his favorite t-shirt once (he wanted to make it into a tank top!)

Anonymous said...

The dress that Dominique is wearing, the gray one, my princess C had the same one. She also has the same sweater that Dominique is wearing in the photo of the kids on the chair. How weird is that?
momanna98 (Anna)

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Thanks, Kathy, I like the dress too! (She gave it to me.:)

Bipin, are you planning to shave Priya's hair once, then??

I would love for you to be right, Candi! And, you're welcome! I was tempted to say something about a mystery person.......

Julie, funny about the tshirt! I didnt mention in the post that he also got a spanking for this because we had JUST had a talk about how we dont cut *anything* except the papers and things that Mommy gives you to cut..... But I guess even with our little talk we were not immune!

Anna, funny! Maybe I got them at your garage sale! hehe

Christy said...

I love Joshua's hair! Very funny. Now that I think of it, he seemed interested in using scissors on his head that one day I sat with the kids during bible study...

And even better, preggie bellies! Nice pics!