Monday, December 04, 2006

Enjoying Being a Mother of Two

I am trying hard to concentrate on savoring the moments that I have left as the mother of only two children, and spending special time with them. These pictures are of the other day at the park ~ probably the last nice day we will have this year! I didnt even have a coat on ~ hard to believe on a day like today! I'm glad we took advantage of it while we could.

This picture looks a little overexposed, but I thought it was so cute. They love each other!

While not quite what I was looking for, I thought their expressions in these pics were comical. :)

My big boy! It will be fun to have a 4.5yo this time with the new baby. He can be such a big help to me at this age! I can hardly believe how big he is getting. We have been watching home movies lately, and even to see him one year ago ~ wow! He seemed so much littler then! How they grow!

Still the baby, for a few more days! Funny, several days in a row last week, she crawled in bed with me in the morning after she woke up and ended up snuggling in and falling back asleep ~ NOT something she is used to doing. It was so nice! I just cuddled in and let her be my little baby, just for a few more days. :)

Then, once it turned cold and we could play outside, we tried playing dress-up. Oh, how they LOVED it! How do you like Dominique's long black dreds??

Well, I had another prenatal check-up last Friday and everything looks great ~ and baby is not looking so small these days... We can probably count on another baby around Dominique's size (she was 9lb 12oz). That's ok, though. I just can't wait to see! Anyway, all seems ready to go, but she doesn't think I will go before my due date (which is only FIVE days away!). That's okay too, I guess. I'm trying to enojoy the time I have left and not get too impatient. It is a little easier now since baby dropped last Thursday and my stomach isnt quite so much "in my throat" anymore. And, I can breathe, which is always a bonus! ;) So, I feel pretty good, but I thought I would journal a little about what waiting is like in the last few days, for me anyway! I'll keep ya posted if we have any news!!

What I feel like doing and what I don’t feel like doing:

I feel like wearing pajamas, comfy sweat pants, or big muumuus, if I had some!
I don’t feel like wearing anything more attractive, that is less comfortable.

I feel like eating pumpkin pie and cold cereal and toast as my main courses.
I don’t feel like eating EGGS! or really any other protein foods, which is what I really need.

I feel like spending hours taking long luxurious baths.
I don’t feel like taking a rushed shower first thing in the morning.

I feel like watching home movies and reading birth stories all day long.
I don’t feel like reading or doing anything that requires much thought or concentration.

I feel like sitting Indian style or rocking on the floor on my hands and knees.
I don’t feel like sitting in chairs in more socially acceptable positions.

I feel like having my kids do sedate activities like read books and color all day.
I don’t feel like having them do anything that makes a mess!

I feel like organizing every nook and cranny of my house.
I don’t feel like cooking.

Does reading this make you feel sorry for Fabio?? LOL, it makes me feel sorry for him! Lucky for him and the rest of the family, I am not governed entirely by what I feel like doing! But can anyone who has been pregnant lately relate with any of this???


Julie B said...

Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and cannot wait to meet the next little one.

Michelle said...

i DEFINITELY relate! I can't believe you're about to have three little ones. You look great too! That picture of you in the previous post is beautiful!

hope to see you before the little one arrives.

Any names yett?

Kathy said...

yes...totally relating!!!

I know what you mean about squeezing in time with the older ones, I did that with Connor!! We eagerly await the arrival of your bundle!

luciana said...

eu amo as fotos que voce coloca. foi um choque para mim ver Joshua praticamente careca! mas ele e' lindo de qualquer jeito...e dominique tambem esta' a cada dia mais linda!