Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No News = Good News???

Well by now I figure you are all anxiously checking my blog daily for baby news, right?? I know I did that to my blogger friends when they were pregnant! Anway, no news yet. And in my opinion at this point, that is decidedly not good news! hehe. Still trying to be patient and hang in there. I had *very* strong contractions for a couple hours last night again, the strongest yet, but they eventually petered out and here we still are...
Each night when I go to bed, I console myself

by saying, "Hey, you are one day closer!" I dont know how many days I have left, but I know for sure that I am one day closer!! That helps.

Well, here are a couple of pictures of Fabio on the job from yesterday. How would you like to be working on a roof on a day like we've been having lately?? I know I sure wouldn't! Poor guy. The second one is of him with the other guys at work. In case you cant tell behind all the clothes, Fabio is the one on the far right. :) Don't they look cold?!

We do have family news! Suzy and the kids came back home from Georgia last Saturday night. It sure is good to have them back and the kids sure have grown! This is probably the last picture of *only* nine grandchildren. As usual, it is impossible to get a good shot of everyone, but at least they are all present! Dominique was playing dress-up again, which is why she has a funky leotard over her clothes. No, I dont dress her like that on normal days. ;)

Please keep praying for my brother Aaron in Iraq. He is in a hot spot and needs lots of prayer covering.

I'll let you know if anything happens baby wise!!


Julie B said...

I will keep on praying for you and Aaron, too.

candi said...

Of course I am checking EVERY day!!!! I am still praying for you and I will pray for Aaron as well. Keep me posted!!

luciana said...

sim, esperando ansiosamente pela chegada do bebe, orando para que tudo saia bem.
iamgina minha mae vendo esta foto do fabinho, trabalhando no, ai,ai, :)que chistoso, ja imagino a cara dela!
sim, vamos continuar orando por Aaron.

Michelle said...

of COURSE we're checking silly! blogging buddies or real life friends you never know how the news will go out! :)

I agree, poor Fabio!

Glad to see that your sis-in-law is home for a bit. When does Aaron come back? I will pray for him, along with my bro. :)

PS What's wrong with wearing the leotard on a normal day??... jk

Kathy said...

I sit at my computer and refesh every few seconds to see if there is new news...ok I am just kidding, but I check REGULARY. I know that feeling, the weight.HANG IN THERE!!!