Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday, Dominique!

Today is Dominique's third birthday!

We had a party for her, my mom, and my nephew Colton, who all have a birthday during the same week, on Saturday night. These first pictures are from that gathering:

Amanda made such a cute cake for Colton and Dominique, and a more sophisticated one for Mom.

Dominique and Cheyenne dressed alike again! It is fun that they have had so many matching outfits!

Suzy's sister and family have been in the Ukraine as missionaries since May of this year, and are now home to renew visas. So, Ollie, her brother-in-law, was able to be with us for the party, which was really nice!

Us ladies.

My brothers, Scott and Aaron, with Moriah and AJ

Lisamarie and Stephen (siblings), and Fabio

AJ, Dillon, and Israel. Nice face, Israel! The lighting on this picture is weird too, because someone else was taking a picture at the same time and the flash made the lighting turn out like this...

The three birthday people!

Some of the kids. They seem to like making weird faces for the camera. :)

Mom with her more sophisticated cake. How do you like her new Harley girl look with the tatoos???

Colton and Dominique with "their" cake

Our little girl is THREE years old!!!

Aaron and Suzy, still lovebirds after twelve years of marriage!

Israel and Moriah. Boy, is it hard to get a picture of them together at the ages they are at! Israel is 10 months and Moriah is 6 months old.

The girl cousins having a good time in the basement...

These next few pictures are from today, her actual birthday. We decided a little while ago that we would take her to get her ears pierced for her birthday. So here we are! I have been talking it up for the last month and she was SOOOO excited!

Here she is in the big chair, all ready!

Squeezing the bear REAL tight! See that big excited smile on her face??

Opes ~ where did the smile go??


She covered her other ear!

So I had to hold her down a bit for the second one!

But a lollipop made it all better in no time flat!

And ice cream helped even further!

Now she has forgotten the pain and is SO excited to be a "princess" with earrings!

Grandma Carol went with us to the mall to have it done and treat us to ice cream / Starbucks.

Thanks, Mom!


Joshua got to enjoy the birthday festivities too!


Kathy said...

Happy birthday sweet Dominique! Sorry your ears were sore...but I know you look like such a beautiful princess (don't need earings tho, you are pretty all on your own).

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOMINIQUE!!!!! I can't believe she is 3 although she often acts older;p lol She is such a doll!! Since you asked...Your Mom's arms kind of creeped me out-lol;} I am not a tattoo girl. Although it is a very nice picture of her. She has a great smile. Tell your mom I said hi and Happy Birthday! I miss being in Bible Study with her.


ChicagoGal said...

Wow, so much to comment on today! i love posts like that! It was great seeing a picture of lisamarie and stephen - i saw lisamarie the other day, it was more of a driveby than anything really. LOVE your moms tats!!! Its so her ;o)

Also Cheyenne and Dominique's dresses are adorable! i loved wearing stuff like that when I was a kid. And Cheyenne looks so much like amanda!

i love seeing pictures of the family. Reminds me of us all growing up together. Can't believe how everyone looks the same as we did 10+ years ago. Lets hope it stays that way. ;o)

Michelle said...

happy bithiday "nique" as Addy would say! The earrings look adorable and it looks like she had a fun day. Addy wants to call and say Happy Birthday so we'll probably talk to you soon!

ChicagoGal said...

Who's house was the party at??

Bipin Sen said...

Happy birthday Dominique! Our first introduction to you was over Indian food (well... you weren't quite around then!).

Looks like you had a great time!

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Thank you for all the well wishes!

I'm glad you think we still look like we did 10+ years ago, Jody!! LOL...

The party was at my mom's house.

Luciana said...

Ahhhh, minha princesinha já está com 3 anos!!! Como o tempo passa rápido! Está ficando cada vez mais linda!
E os brincos... eu sei que dói, mas é só por um momento, né. Está mais linda ainda com os brinquinhos.
Abraços pra tua mãe também. Felicidades pelo seu aniversário!

MOM said...

Hi Elizabeth and all other commenters!
Great pics of all the recent happenings! I'm glad we got such good ones of Dominique getting her ears pierced, and a good variety of everyone at the birthday party.
Hi Michelle. Thanks for the comments about the Bible study. That's nice of you. The tats are just a shirt, BTW.
Hi Jody! Good to hear from you, too!