Saturday, October 06, 2007

I Love Fall!

I must say, I really enjoy the changing seasons that we have here in Illinois. Winter is a bit too long for my liking, but even still I am thankful for each new season and the change it brings. But, my very favorite is autumn ~ the crisp breeze, the changing colors of the trees, bonfires, pumpkin pictures, and outings like this one, to the apple orchard!

We went with the homeschool group - about 80 of us altogether! It is such a blessing too, to have an "internal" homeschool support group right in our family! All of the cousins were along, and Grandma Carol too, which made it all the more fun.

Gabriel was being so sweet with Grandma Carol, giving kisses and laughing!

Gabriel and Dominique ~ really growing up!

This is not all of the group of cousins, but it turned out quite a bit better than any of my recent attempts at a group shot!

Yeah! Apples fresh off the tree!

Israel kind of got in on the fun too. :)

My sister-in-laws Amanda and Suzy. I am so thankful for all four of my sister-in-laws! (Two on my side, two on Fabio's side.) They are some of my best friends! What a blessing!

Picking in the orchard.

The petting zoo we went to after the picking.

My little animals!

Feeding the goats...

... and the calf. He was too cute! Just made me think all the more of my dream... which has always been a little piece of land, a big garden, a few goats, a few chickens, sheep and horses......



Kathy said...

We went there last weekend, it was fun, HOT and fun. I LOVE their dough nuts omw! So glad you had fun.

luciana said...

parece que foi bem divertido! aproveitem bem a nova estação! aqui tem chovido quase todos os dias, mas está sendo um tempo muito bom pra mim. todo mundo aqui já conhece os japinhas "loiros"...titia aqui é muito coruja!

Joanie, Billy, Harrison, and Haven said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! We went to that orchard last year, there were so many fun things for the kids! I'm with you, I love fall! I can't wait to get some cooler fall weather though, enough with the 80 degrees! =p

momanna98 said...

Sounds alot like my dream, too! :-)

MOM said...

Your pics turned out so good, Elizabeth. That was really a fun day at the orchard. I'm glad I got to go with all of you. I'm saving some of these pics onto my computer. I hope it works!

Michelle said...

looks like a blast. i could go for one of those doughnuts right now... I guess I'll have to settle for a chocolate entemenns (sp...?) one!

it was fun hanging out with you the other day! Hopefully we'll do it again before too long. Addy is still talking about Dominique's house. :)