Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

A little late in posting about it, but we did have a jolly valentine's day!

Here are the kids with the valentines they made for their cousins.

We studied 1 Corinthians 13 during the week and I had them write one attribute of love from the chapter on the back of each valentine: "Love is kind", "Love is not easily angered", etc. (In Dominique's case, she traced it.)

Then on Thursday, we had a valentine's party at Grandma Carol's house. It is a blessing in our family to have a built-in homeschool support group!

Here are the girls decorating valentines at Grandma's house, and the boys are in the background at the other table.

Many more failed attempts at getting a decent picture of Moriah and Israel together!

This is a typical sample.....

I did eventually get this one where they were actually at least looking the same direction!!!

At this age, though, they are much easier to photograph alone!

Israel was so happy to be walking around!

Mom had the idea to have a "crazy hat" picture of all the kids together, so we all brought silly hats for them to wear. :)

And with crazy hats, you have to do some crazy faces too, right?

Then we feasted on many, many homemade heart-shaped pizzas, heart-shaped cookies, cupcakes with hearts on them, and a bunch of other stuff!

A picture of each of the valentine couples:

Aaron and Suzy

Fabio and Elizabeth

Scott and Amanda

Mom and Jack

And lastly, a first belly shot of this pregnancy. This was almost a week ago, at 8 weeks and 2 days along. Do you think it's twins? Or maybe just too much pizza??


Faith said...

YIKES! Where did that come from?? :) Although looking through your blog I always thought you were pretty big during pregnancy.
Does everyone in your family homeschool? I think you previously said that you were homeschooled and I was wondering if your siblings do it too? In my church we are just starting to get second generation homeschool children. It is really cool.

Bipin Sen said...

Twins?? Ahhhh... :-)

My Valentine's Day was spent in Alabama. :-\

Michelle said...

I'd say twins if I didn't know ya... but your body seems to love to pop out early!

jason said...
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jason said...
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Kathy said...

How fun! Twins, would u like to have twins? How far a long are you?

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Faith, yes my two brothers both homeschool their children as well. :) And, their wives were also both homeschooled!

Um, twins? Well, I am tending to think that it is just my usual early pop-out, but this pregnancy is definitely different in several ways.... Would I *like* to have twins? Well, if I am pregnant with twins, then I would like to have them! ;) It would certainly be.... an adventure!!!