Friday, February 29, 2008

Two Peas In a Pod

I decided to post this to concentrate on some warm, fuzzy sibling moments from this week, because let me assure you, they have been hard to come by! With both of the older two feeling sick and having fevers, they had some serious don't-touch-me-itis, only toward each other of course..... with me they couldn't seem to cling close enough! It was a little difficult to have three feverish children clinging to me when I was feverish myself, but, anyway, we did have a few moments of brotherly love, so let's just think about that!

Monday morning when I woke up and peeked in the kids room, I found them sleeping on the floor! After they woke up, Joshua told me that he thought we should put a "for sale" sign on their beds!

Later that afternoon, things were not going so well at naptime, until they gravitated into my bed! After that, things went nicely for them, but I ended up having to get up for lack of space and forfeit my nappie - my most precious commodity these days!

And this is last night. Joshua insisted that since Dominique was sick and "lonely", that he needed to protect her, so he slept in her bed. ;) (You can tell her poor baby head was all red with fever...)

So, the verdict for this morning is: no fevers for me, nor Israel, nor Joshua, and just around 99 for Dominique, but she seems to be feeling fine, so hopefully she will fully regain strength throughout the day for the dance with Daddy tonight! Pictures coming soon!


Michelle said...

sounds like they're better just in time!

how does someone post at 5:30 in the morning!?

Kathy said...

I am sorry everyone has been sick, glad to hear they are all better.

Little D in the last pic, her face, poor baby. Looking forward to seeing the Daddy daughter dance pics.

MOM said...

Poor babies with fevers! And poor you having to take care of them while you were sick yourself. I'm glad you are all over it now. Better days ahead--Spring is coming!