Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday to Fabio

Fabio turned 30 years old last week! Here he is with his "over the hill" cake I made him. Hehe. It was just a little hill. Maybe when he turns 40 I'll make a bigger hill, and a bigger one for 50, and so forth. :-)~ I am so thankful for him in my life and so I made a list of just a few of the things I love about him to honor him for his birthday. I love you, baby!
Thirty Things I Love About Fabio

· He loves the Lord

· He is a visionary

· He is not content with the status quo
· He is handy with his hands, and can figure out most anything

· He is the most handsome man I know

· He has a great sense of style and takes care of his personal appearance
· He is a good provider for his family

· He likes to be (and tries to be) organized

· He speaks the same four languages I do

· He is wonderful with the children

· He takes time to do fun stuff with us
· He is adventurous

· He likes to try new things
· He has an international mindset

· He is a gifted preacher

· He is not afraid to speak truth, even in uncomfortable situations

· He is always full of creative ideas

· He is sensitive to the Lord’s leading, even in difficult areas

· He loves and appreciates me

· He is spontaneous and likes to do fun stuff at the spur of the moment

· He doesn’t dwell on the past, but does try to learn from it

· He spends time really meditating on God’s Word, not just reading through it
· He takes the time to share with me from his heart

· He prefers to hang out with me and the kids more than with anyone else

· He challenges me to grow

· He is always looking out for people in need, to reach out to them with Jesus’ love
· He enjoys learning and is always looking for ways to learn

· He isn’t afraid to give up whatever it takes for the sake of the Call

· He is a loving leader in our home

· He helps around the house and with the children

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luciana said...

rsrsrsrsrs...bons pontos esses. não é porque é meu irmão não, mas eu concordo plenamente com você!!!
beijos pra vcs!
espero vê-los em breve!!!