Friday, February 10, 2006

Rub-a-dub-dub-Two kids in the Tub!

For some reason, ever since she was about 5-6 months old, Dominique has loved to suck on the washcloth! I know, it is kinda gross....

Bath Buds Enjoying the Suds!

Just after bath curls ~ I love it!

Dominique likes bath time more than any other time of the day, I think. :)

While in the pictures, they all look peachy keen, the truth of the matter is that we haven't had the greatest week... Tuesday afternoon Dominique woke up from her nap vomiting and continued to do so for about four hours straight! At least it was fairly short lived.
Then, Wednesday afternoon, Joshua woke up from his nap vomiting! It was the first time he had ever thrown up and he would just as soon missed out on that experience... He then had a fever all night and I was up with him many, many times. By morning, my stomach was churning, and sure enough.... WHAM! I got hit too! This bug had me out of commission from early morning yesterday until early this morning, so I am still kind of on the weak side today, but feeling better anyway. A million thanks to Ruth H. who came over yesterday and took care of the kids, me, the laundry, everything! She was awesome and I couldnt have survived without her! Then Fabio came home early and he was a trooper all the rest of the night, taking care of all of us and the house and all! Thanks, honey!


Kathy said...

So nice to have support around you when you feeling that way. Hope you guys are better.

I LOVE the curls and the bath pics. Connor does that too sometimes, but now he has discovered he can drink in the water...that is gross for me. He blows bubbles and then drinks away!

They look so cute together in the bath!

Anonymous said...

so sorry you were sick. wonder where you could have gotten that?

Michelle said...

Addy does the same thing but we have a little cloth butterfly that she sucks on. I figure there are worse things for her to put in her mouth....

I'm glad you're feeling better. We're a bit sick on our end too but its colds, not the flu. I think Addy picked up something from the nursery and after I sucked the snot out of her nose... hehe, just kidding, I got it too and kindly passed it along to Johnny. :) Hopefully we'll be better and see you tomorrow!

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Tish ~ there is no way of knowing that we got it from you! We could have just as easily gotten it from the grocery store or somewhere, so dont worry. :)
So Dominique's not the only one who sucks on things in the bathtub? Hmmm. Joshua never did!

Michelle, hope you get to feeling better and see you tomorrow! THANK you for the soup!!!

Bipin Sen said...

today priya is not feeling too well. but it's amazing that it's not letting her move around any less. hope you guys are feeling all well by now.

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Aw...hope Priya gets to feeling better soon! Is is the vomiting yuckies too???
Thankfully, we are all fine now and it looks like Fabio might escape this time.

Carol "Mom" said...

These bath pics are soooo cute. Like I said before, everything these kids do is cute.
Sorry you were all sick and that I had to work & couldn't be there to help you out.