Friday, February 03, 2006

Some Extended Family News

These pictures are a little better, I think, than the last ones I posted, because you can see each family all together, and all the grandkids together as well.
These pictures were taken at our last family gathering for a while, because Aaron and family left the next morning: Aaron to NC for further Marine training, and Suzy and the kids to her family's in GA. So we ate together, sang some worship songs, and prayed them off. This was all one week ago.
First Picture: My oldest brother, Scott, Amanda, Dillon, Cheyenne, Gabriel

My second brother, Aaron, Suzy, Jessica, AJ, Colton, Levi

The Black Siblings in birth order and height order, with Mom

All nine grandkids: Jessica, Gabriel, Colton, Joshua, Levi, Cheyenne, Dillon, AJ, Dominique


Michelle said...

I love big families! Your kids are going to have a blast growing up with so many cousins.

Kathy said...

I love the pic of all the "cousys" together, so adorable. I can just see your folks light up when they see them all!

Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Yes, I am glad my kids got plenty of cuzins! I never lived by any of mine, so I missed out...

They surely are my parent's pride and joy! For "only" having had 3 children, they are doing pretty well on the grandchildren front, and still in their early 50's! :) Young enough to enjoy.

Michelle said...

Elizabeth, I definitely do NOT print all of the pictures we take of Addy! As a matter of fact I'm several months behind on getting anything printed! I just went through the archives and printed the best and most memorable shots and I'm planning on hauling them to Sam's Club tomorrow to have them sent off for 13cent printing. (I used to use winkflash but now that I have a Mac it isn't compatible with their uploading softward... plus when you have that many its just easier to stop at Sam's... :))

Did you get my emssage about those rubber bands? I went to the Walmart across from the mall and didn't see anything like them in the entire kids section... is it the one on 30 and 41 that you go to?

Bipin Sen said...

omigosh! i can't believe how tall scott is. i mean, i've met aaron, and he's a tall fella. and now seeing all three of you together.. whoa!

thanks again for the pizza! even tish ate some, and really enjoyed it. it came right on time because we were starving!


Elizabeth Tsukayama said...

Well, Michelle, it's a relief to know that you won't have too many years of work to do to get all those pics in albums!

Bipin, yes, Scott is 6'5". :) And being so skinny makes him look even taller!

Thanks for everything last night! We really appreciate it. I'm glad that you enjoyed the pizza... we weren't too sure if y'all really wanted it! LOL Glad it was well eaten, and Tish must be feeling better if she was able to eat some too. :)

Carol "Mom" said...

These kids and grandkids are my life, my pride and joy, my delight in this life. I recently read something that said, "Grandkids are God's way of rewarding us for not killing our kids." That's a little harsh--I never wanted to kill you kids, but there were some trying times raising all of you. But this season of my life of being a grandma to so many sweet, cute, smart grandkids is definitely a blessing.